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29 September 2022

BIOVEGEN doubles the space dedicated to innovation at Biotech Attraction in its second edition

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• Biovegen repeats at Fruit Attraction as a hub specializing in agrobio R&D&I: 60 companies, 35 agricultural research centers and 12 other national and international entities linked to the sector have confirmed their attendance; 20 biotech firms will have their own stand and 25 cutting-edge projects will be presented. • On October 5, the biotechnology platform will organize a new multi-day conference at the Fruit Forum: 'Biotechnology and information for the agriculture of the future'.

Biovegen, the biotechnology platform dedicated to connecting the advances of agricultural research centers with the needs of companies, wants to consolidate the experience lived in Fruit Attraction 2021, when it acted for the first time as promoter of a new catalyst space for innovation in the agrobio sector. Thus, Biotech Attraction (from October 4 to 6) will repeat the formula but this time it will do so with twice the surface area (more than 400 square meters) and a more complete offer, with 20 exhibitors, six more than last year.  Biotech Attraction will repeat its location in Hall 5, in an area specifically set up for this purpose, where up to 25 cutting-edge business projects in this field are also expected to be exhibited to the public, with a second space set up -next to the exhibitors' area- to facilitate meetings and business meetings that can be arranged. And as is now traditional, on this occasion on the 5th and in the Fruit Forum in Hall 5, Biovegen has promoted a new day that is expected to be crowded again: 'Biotechnology and information for the agriculture of the future'. Representatives of 60 agri-food companies, 35 research centers from all over the country and 12 other national and international entities have already confirmed their attendance to the double event -the exhibition and the Biotech day-.

"In 2021 we all strived to try to return to that 'new normal' in which the pandemic was still omnipresent. In this second event, now without so much fear, we want to export the success we already have with the conferences, where hundreds of entrepreneurs and researchers faithfully attend every year, to the Biotech exhibition area. The fair allows us to broaden our audience to bring the offer of innovative solutions closer to the companies that demand them", emphasizes Biovegen's president, José Pellicer.

                Biotech Attraction will coexist during the event with the complementary offer of Smart Agro, the specialized area for firms dedicated to providing innovations in precision agriculture, focused on showing the latest in management products for the agri-food industry and mobility and advanced analytical solutions. In addition, some other research centers, also members of Biovegen, with specific budgets to participate in this type of events will be present individually at the event, with their own stands in other areas. Biotech Attraction, on the other hand, seeks to facilitate the presence of R&D intensive companies that want to make their portfolio known and offer their solutions to potential customers. With this premise, looking for functional and more economical alternatives, Biotech has offered modular stands, easy to install. This has attracted the presence of 20 SMEs or spin-offs such as Agrogenia Biotech (production of microbial and molecular inoculants), Tebrio (industrial insect breeding and transformation into premium ingredients), Zerya (food production systems without pesticide residues) or 3A Antioxidants (natural and synthetic preservatives and antioxidants). Others, such as Agrícola 2000 (Crop protection, biostimulants, nutrition and agrotech services consultancy), Vector Horizonte (Execution of R&D&I projects), Phytoplant Research (Industrial development of medicinal plants) or Val Genetics (Bio solutions for the agri-food sector) have wished to repeat their experience as exhibitors.  A third group are already consolidated entities, such as the multinational Fertiberia -which will take the opportunity to launch its innovations in bio fertilizers- or Ainia, the Valencian agro-technological center.

In addition, Biotech Attraction has set up a meeting room (for exhibitors and professional visitors) as well as another for presentations in which emerging companies such as Biorizon Biotech (on biotechnological solutions for red fruits), Izasa Scientific (applications of phenotype and genotype data of plants) are expected to present their innovations, to which should be added those to be made by many of the companies also exhibiting. Other especially awaited presentations will be that of the GEN4olive project of the Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) or the one to be made by the consultant of the European American Enterprise Council (EAEC) on the possibilities of technological collaboration between Spain and the USA, Germán Loperena. 

Crowded Conference

Biovegen will not miss its annual appointment with the conferences held at the Fruit Forum (Hall 5). The biotechnology platform, in fact, and always seeking to build bridges between researchers, knowledge and the business world, usually repeats as one of the organizers of the most crowded meetings. On this occasion, the conference 'Biotechnology and information for the agriculture of the future' - scheduled for October 5 from 12 pm - will showcase groundbreaking technologies such as the one implemented by the IBMCP (UPV-CSIC) for the development of 'Biofactory plants' or for genetic improvement in horticultural crops, defended by a researcher from the IHSM (UMA-CSIC). Similarly, the success cases of equally disruptive biotechnology companies such as Algaenergy (microalgae) or 'BIOME MAKERS-Microbiome' will be analyzed. Finally, the State Research Agency (AEI) and the CDTI will analyze the different financing instruments for biotechnology and agricultural R&D&I.


Biovegen-Plataforma Tecnológica de Biotecnología Vegetal is a public-private entity, which is a member of the CEOE and collaborates assiduously with the CSIC and INIA, which aims to improve the competitiveness of the sector through the development of technologies from Plant Biology. For this purpose, it articulates entities of the Spanish agri-food sector, putting in contact the supply and demand of technology, and generating business opportunities through Science-Company collaboration. Biovegen develops collaborations and R&D projects, and identifies the technological challenges of the sector to develop technologies. It acts as an interface between the scientific and business communities and the Administration. To this end, it offers a series of tools to facilitate R&D&I activities to its partners. It currently has 142 partners: 121 companies, 21 research organizations and the Ministry of Science and Innovation, which supports and co-finances the initiative. It is also open to collaborations with other entities in the sector.

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