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22 September 2022

BIORIZON BIOTECH, Biobalance, a new solution to reduce the need for fertilizers

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After two years of research, Biorizon Biotech is launching Biobalance to markets, the first product from the "Optimum" product line.

A new line of products looking to find answers to problems consequence of pollution in soil and aquifers.This new line of products is set to provide an improvement in profitability, quality, and sustainability in farming, both intensive and extensive.

The application of these solutions to plants is oriented to improve nutrient absorption, provide biostimulant effects and protect root systems from fungi and bacteria which attack before, during, and after harvest. Biobalance is the beginning of a new generation of "Optimum" products, an innovative solution to stimulate the microbiome in the rhizosphere.Thanks to its characteristics, it can combine improved mobility and more efficient absorption of macro and micronutrients available in the soil, therefore optimizing its contribution to the plant.

The strains of microalgae present in Biobalance have been chosen for their prebiotic effect due to their proven capability to set off the growth of beneficial fungi and plant growth-promoting bacteria.

Furthermore, and as a high-value element to farmers, it has to be pointed out that the use of these microorganisms living in symbiosis with plant roots, stimulates and favors the development of the plants themselves thereby cutting down on the fertilizer dosage a farmer will need to use.

Agricultural development greatly supported by Public Institutions

Positive results in the last few years by Biorizon Biotech have been bolstered by significant investments along with public and private support.For years, the European Union has taken notice of this company for their Research in pursuit of new sustainable solutions to face agricultural issues on a global scale.Their partaking in a noteworthy number of projects and their exceptional results have provided them with a reputable standing that continues with the start-up of ambitious projects set to find new products for agriculture. Such is the case of project ALGAENAUTS whose ultimate goal is the development of sustainable biopesticides.

A wide range of products for sustainable and ecological farming

Biorizon Biotech will take part in this year's Fruit Attraction with a stand that has grown larger in dimensions, exhibition, and reception area for their future customers.The commitment of this company to Fruit Attraction is increasingly stronger as well as for the Ecorganic Market section in Hall 8 (8CD4), introducing their wide range of products intended for sustainable and productive agriculture.