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21 June 2022


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BION covers and monitors the needs of the supply chain during the post-harvest phase

The air chain is assimilated to the agri-food supply chain. Each link in the chain - production, packaging, transport (land, sea, air), storage and commercial distribution - must be kept in optimal conditions to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the products until they reach the consumer.

Controlling and monitoring the air that surrounds the fruit and vegetables in the post-harvest phase is vital. It is necessary to use systems that eliminate, minimize and control the agents that can deteriorate them, such as ethylene and other volatile compounds typical of the natural ripening process, as well as spores and microorganisms that may be present.

BION, a pioneer in post-harvest products, has a range of products that adapt to each of these phases and specific needs of the supply chain, making it easier for the air chain not to break.

In addition, nowadays, technology provides them with real-time data and this allows them to have greater control over production. For this reason, BION has developed specific products that allow them to monitor the most relevant air data at critical moments in the post-harvest period. Having this data available will allow to have all the relevant information at hand.

BION WORLD has been developed for this purpose. A unique and exclusive service for BION customers. Easy to use and user-friendly, it allows access to information through any device and at any time.

Currently, data captured by the ETH Sense can be accessed. The first air filtration equipment for storage chambers that incorporates IoT technology. The ETH Sense equipment, which filters the air by removing ethylene, volatile organic compounds and CO2, incorporates sensors to monitor these parameters and others such as temperature and relative humidity. These data are accessible 24/7 from the LCD screen or through the BION WORLD online platform.

It is also possible to access the data recorded by the RTL+ (Real Time Logger Plus). A device that allows to record and visualize in time the temperature, humidity and relative location of the load for 60 days.

A revolution that will allow you to make the best decisions at all times.

With BION don't break the air chain.

For more information, please contact us:

Marina García Chillón - Marketing Manager

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