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21 June 2022


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One of the brands they represent is "JASA" based in the Netherlands, a leading manufacturer of machinery for the packaging of all types of food products. Given the continuous changes that are taking place in terms of reduction of plastic materials, JASA has been able to adapt quickly to these changes by adapting its machines to the possibility of working with 100% recyclable paper material.

When we talk about JASA, we talk about three types of machinery:

- JASA BAG-2-PAPER vertical packaging machine for paper by gluing.

- Vertical packaging machines or JASA HYBRID.

- Horizontal sleeve wrapping machines or JASA SLEEVER



JASA has developed a technology for vertical packaging machines, which can now work with 100% recyclable paper without plastic coating. The packaging is closed without sealing and is 100% suitable for recycling. JASA can pack all kinds of fruit and vegetable products and, thanks to its vertical packaging, achieves high outputs.

Of course, not all products and formats will be converted to 100% recyclable paper. The JASA vertical packaging machine can also process PE, PP or LAMINATED FILM containers with a simple and quick change of forming tube and sealing heads. In this way, there is the versatility to work both formats and the customer can adjust to the needs of the market.


For companies in the fruit and vegetable sector, the correct packaging is of great importance for the processing and appearance of the products and, therefore, for the satisfaction of their customers. For this reason, more and more innovative packaging solutions are being launched on the market, which also respond to the biggest trend of our time: sustainability. That is why JASA has developed an innovative technology for the packaging of fruit and vegetables that is 100% suitable for recycling. It consists of a cardboard tub with a cardboard sleeve that fits into the tub to protect and hold the product.

Thanks to its dimensions, the JASA SLEEVER is easy to fit into production lines, achieving outputs of up to 100 tubs per minute.

Bialca Solutions has personnel with more than 35 years of experience in the sector. Being the exclusive distributors of first level machinery manufacturers such as NEWTEC, JASA, C-PACK or GILLENKIRCH, we have made more than 600 installations in Spain in the last years.

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