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24 May 2022


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Betalia is Azucarera's brand through which they value their main raw material, sugar beet, to create top quality products for animal feed, soil improvement and fertility and different industrial uses. They produce fresh, ensiled or dehydrated products based on beet pulp, liquid feed from enriched molasses and liquid fertilisers and natural amendments for all types of crops.

They are committed to innovation and quality and are committed to the circular economy as a management principle.


We give back to the countryside that wich belongs to the countryside.

  • Betalia agro

Fertiliser products for all types of crops and soils. They are specialists in offering more natural alternatives to conventional fertilisers, taking advantage of and enriching the products obtained from sugar beet.

  • Betalia feed

Products for animal feed that offer the best ingredients to form part of livestock rations, in extensive and intensive farms and for a wide range of species.

  • Betalia industry

Products derived from the beet sugar extraction process that serve as substrates for various industries. The main family of Betalia industry is aimed at the sector of raw materials for fermentation.

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