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22 October 2020

Fruit Attraction recognises innovation and entrepreneurship with its Innovation Hub Awards

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In its two categories: Fresh Produce and F&V Industry

• The Fresh Produce category finalists will be judged on Monday 26 October, while the F&V Industry will have its turn on Tuesday 27 October.

A total of 20 fruit and vegetable products and services have been chosen as finalists to participate in the Innovation Hub Awards, an accolade bestowed by Fruit Attraction and whose winners will be in the running for recognition as the best project in the two proposed categories: Fresh Produce and F&V Industry.

Each product will be judged live on the Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect platform on 26 and 27 October, starting at 15:00 hours, by a jury of industry professionals who will announce the winners in both categories. The jury will be judging the Applicability, Innovation, Environmental Sustainability and Proposed Social Value of the entries. Ten products and services from each category have been selected as finalists from the total of 160 that took part in the Innovation Hub event, which was held to show the international fruit and vegetable industry that innovation is one of the cornerstones of a modern industry adapted to new consumption profiles.

Fresh Produce Category:


CleanLeaf® is a new generation of aubergine varieties with hardly any villi, which favours cultivation with beneficial entomofauna, thereby avoiding chemical residues, improving working conditions (allergies) and leaving the consumer format unaltered.

More information

2.-Premium Aloe Vera Leaf (LA VENDITA)

In order to produce own food or cosmetic products, fresh leaves are now available all year round and can be picked to order to ensure the plant's properties remain intact. More information


A type of muskmelon characterised by its retention of the beloved flavour of the traditional version of this product. More information

4.-Fresh Edamame (GRUPAC & NATURAL DE MONTAÑA, S.L.)

Fresh soy bean pods grown in Valencia. This is the in-snack because it is one hundred percent natural, making it the perfect substitute for all those other snacks loaded with salt and additives and, what’s more, it’s sugar-free. And it can be enjoyed by everyone because it is also gluten-free.

5.-Check out our new Red Kiwifruit (JINGOLD SPA)

The Jingold Oriental Red kiwifruit will be in the shops soon.


Organic Indian coconut chunks with a 60 day shelf life that are totally natural, peeled and ready to eat. The new healthy snack

7.-Frozen Bimi (BIMI® BROCCOLI)

Bimi® Frozen Broccoli is hand-picked at its freshest and then frozen at source to retain all of the great flavour and essential nutrients that make this product such a success.


A vegetable with unique attributes that will add colour and originality to any meal. Redi is characterised not only by being extremely healthy, but also by its unique taste and striking appearance. Its high levels of naturally occurring glucosinolate compounds make Redi extraordinarily healthy. Redi has purple shoots, which consist of tender stems that end in tiny flowerheads. Its colour contains more antioxidant compounds than normal broccoli, thus consolidating and enhancing its reputation as a power food. More information

9.-Galia Orange Flesh (INTERSEMILLAS)

Round, slightly flattened fruit with an average weight of 1.5 kg and an intense orange flesh. Its semi-reticulated appearance is both abundant and intense. It stands out for its high brix of 14.5º and its cross-production uniformity. It develops a very vigorous, dark plant that is highly resistant to powdery mildew. More information

10.-CRICKET BIO creamy broccoli and cauliflower sauce (CAMPO DE LORCA)

Imminent launch of a new range of creamy organic broccoli and cauliflower sauces under the Cricket Bio brand name.

F&V Industry Category:

1.- Smart Hydroponic Grow System (PROJAR)

Advice for the optimization of irrigation and fertigation of horticultural crops based on smart monitoring solutions. After a study into the management of irrigation and fertigation of a tomato crop in the municipality of Águilas, Projar's technical team has confirmed an increase in production per plant of up to approximately 40% compared to the yield of the previous harvest. More information

2.-Vertical Farming Modules for Vertical Agriculture (NOVAGRIC)

The structure is designed to make the most of the available space and achieve an environment that is both watertight and provides good air exchange in a controlled manner. The modules can be fitted with cooling and/or heating, relative humidity control, environmental air renewals and consistency for filtering and maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity for crops. A system that can be configured manually, semi-automatically or automatically to continuously monitor the crop variables and program the responses. Product leaflet

3.-Absolute climate control for maximising productivity management (HERMISAN, S.A.)

The system, made up of a hydrocomputer and a series of probes fitted both inside and outside your greenhouses, will monitor and activate climate control devices such as heaters, CO2 injectors, foggers, sun-screens, windows, fans, etc., thus maximizing productivity and profits. Hermisan's Technological Solutions for Climate Management offer an unbeatable combination of power and versatility: in the open field, these programs make it possible to measure meteorological, humidity and soil temperature data, as well as to activate programs “on demand”. Executable programs can be defined in different periods and on specific days. They will make it possible to divide the day into "control periods", each with a different duration, depending on the prevailing weather conditions at different times and to meet the crop's different needs. Product leaflet

4.- Globalscan 7 -G7- (MAF RODA S.L.)

An electronic classification system that uses HD cameras that enable the analysis and classification of all types of fruit such as citrus, apples, avocados, stone fruits or mangoes based on their external quality, colour and morphology. The G7 guarantees a uniform illumination of the fruits and vegetables analysed. The G7 is a multispectral system: its optics and classification principle have been improved with an increase in the information provided by the visible spectrum, plus the information extracted from infrared wavelengths. And thanks to the dimensional analysis, the G7 also determines the diameter, length and shape of the product. VIOTEC 7, for optimal sorting of your citrus fruits. With its VIOTEC 7 option, the G7 allows you a much more accurate detection of external citrus defects (minor and surface damage), but also areas of rot and the defects specific to lemons, limes and grapefruit, such as spots on the peel caused by oleocellosis.

5.-Barquetas Uniq (UNIQ sustainable cardboard packaging)

Cardboard trays as a sustainable, efficient and reliable packaging alternative. In its search for new formulas to ensure that fruits and vegetables reach the consumer in optimum condition, UNIQ launches a family of containers whose seal of quality continues to provide added value to the fresh produce chain by reaching the shelves as a sales unit. It is a solution that offers important advantages to the agricultural producer, the marketer, the distributor and the consumer. More information

6.- (H3) Water Footprint Certification (AGROCOLOR, S.L.)

The main goal of the "H3 Precision Agriculture as a Competitive Advantage of the Andalusian Fruit and Vegetable Sector" Project is to provide the fruit and vegetable sector with tools and useful, efficient, simple and economical resources designed directly for the first agent in the value chain. These will make it possible to independently acquire instant information about the crop and thus be able to influence decision-making related to irrigation, preventing the arbitrary management thereof, with the result being water savings of at least 25%. Likewise, these technological resources will be able to record a crop’s impact on the water available, and therefore enable the calculation of the Water Footprint, thus resulting in the development of a "calculation methodology" protocol that will help contribute to achieving sustainable agriculture. AGROCOLOR is the only entity authorised to issue the H3 Water Footprint Certification, which offers the possibility of being certified as an individual producer or as part of a group of producers. More information

7.- FlashLink RTL Prime 3G-2T In-Transit Logger (DELTATRAK)

FlashLink® RTL Prime 3G-2T In-Transit Logger (Model 22367) is designed for sea shipping containers. This real-time data logger has an internal sensor to measure the air temperature at the back of the container and an external probe with a 50 ft / 15 m cable for measuring the supplied air temperature.

More information

8. -Smart System Technology (BRANDT)

BRANDT® SMART SYSTEM foliar micronutrients were designed to be compatible with post-emergent herbicides and a wide range of tank mix combinations, to give farmers maximum application flexibility. Smart System provides nutrients efficiently and effectively, helping growers to improve quality. They also have natural moistening agents that enable them to improve foliar contact and adhesion that attach themselves as a rewettable gel and thus remain available for longer. The crops sprayed with Smart System are stronger, healthier and more vigorous. More information

9.- DCA-CF - Dynamic atmosphere controlled through the use of fluorescence sensors (ISOLCELL SPA)

Revolution in fruit preservation systems: dynamically controlled atmosphere through the use of HarvestWatch® fluorescence sensors. The only technology on the market that achieves the minimum possible oxygen level, thus achieving a much higher quality of storage without incurring the risk of the product fermenting. It is a technology that, through the use of special sensors, makes possible the dynamic control of the atmosphere by adapting it to the physiological condition of the fruit and its biological activity over time. This method is based on the measurement of the fluorescent signal of the chlorophyll contained in the peel of the fruit, for which it uses special sensors that monitor a product sample in the storage chamber.

10.- Insulating box with Click bio material closure (STOROPACK)

SEAclic Bio protective packaging by Ecovio® is intended for the transportation of fresh food. It is especially suitable for fish or vegetables, namely fresh products that need special protection due high demands during transportation. Food is a very delicate product and requires hygienic and well-insulated packaging. SEAclic Bio is a certified biological industrial compostable plastic based on renewable raw materials that makes a positive contribution to protecting the environment. Thanks to its special structure, the box can be closed safely without additional materials such as adhesives and straps.