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24 May 2022

Arola Group - Madrid Airport Warehouse

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The Arola Group has made available the ADT and LAME authorisations for its warehouse at the air cargo terminal. This way, they can dispatch general merchandise, both for import and export, as well as fruit and vegetable products for export, from their facility.

Furthermore, as the Arola Group is authorised by plant health as an export PIF, they can manage phytosanitary certificates for goods for any type of traffic, whether by air, sea or land, making us an ideal option to avoid congestion and ensure smooth operations.

The Arola Group adapts to each client, classifying, preparing and labelling orders according to the necessary requirements, resulting in a direct logistics solution that avoids cost overruns and intermediate times.

For more information, please contact us:

Sara Fernández -

Marcelo Bejarano -

+34 917 46 26 56