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15 July 2022

ÁNGEL MIR, the largest Spanish company manufacturing and assembling industrial doors, residential doors and logistic equipment.

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Ángel Mir is oriented towards quality, after sales service, and to maintain the recognition as a door manufacturing company that gives the best product and service to its customers. With more than 50 years of experience, Angel Mir has 200 professionals in Spain, and has international coverage through distributors located in several countries around the world.

The main keys to the company's success are a continuous investment in R & D that allows it to maintain differentiation, quality and leadership within the sector, as well as a professional and solid human team through which it offers each customer a personalized service fully adapted to their needs.

 The productive door: Angel Mir-Portes Bisbal SL has led a new conception of door as a key element in the framework of the latest innovations in traffic, logistics and industrial safety. These are integrated opening and closing systems designed to powerfully facilitate specific circulation and mobility operations, thus optimizing various areas of industrial dynamics.

In the field of functionality, they bring substantial improvements in speed, versatility and adaptability of use and handling. In the field of reliability, they incorporate solid advances in terms of robustness, durability, insulation, active safety (anticipation/elimination of errors and accidents) and passive safety (structural reinforcement).

In terms of economy, they represent considerable savings in energy consumption, ambient temperature losses, maintenance and downtime, making them a rapidly amortizable investment. All this makes Angel Mir's doors and logistics equipment tools for improving industrial operations, measurable in terms of profitability.

The customized door: By listening carefully to the needs most commonly shared by companies, Angel Mir has developed special doors that are already points of reference in the market. These are patented systems with their own identity (Instant Pass, Instant Roll, Pass Glass,...). Their efficiency and quality have made them "classics" in industrial equipment. But Angel Mir's desire to satisfy even the smallest detail of the customer's requirements has led the company to develop the concept of "customized door". It is a matter of fitting out and adapting door models in series to the specific needs of an activity or even a user. Thus, truly tailor-made doors have been created that fully meet technical, operational, aesthetic and safety requirements.

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