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22 September 2022

ANGEL MIR launches to the market a fire curtain ei-120 without water irrigation

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Once again, the manufacturer of industrial doors and logistics equipment, Angel Mir - Portes Bisbal SL, is making headway in the fire door market with the launch of a textile curtain without water irrigation.

The company, which has a wide range of fire doors, has now opted for the development of its own model of textile barrier, the most revolutionary in the sector. This is the Rolltex Fire roll-up fire curtain, which limits the spread of fire in the event of a fire without the need to spray the fabric with water.

The company's R&D department has achieved CE marking approval of the Rolltex Fire curtain with classification up to EI₂-120 category B on both sides according to the UNE EN 16034 standard, guaranteeing fire insulation and safety for 120 minutes on both sides. To achieve this, the curtain is manufactured with a 25/30mm thick technical fabric double stitched with high strength steel thread on the outside, and of different intumescent materials and resistant fibers on the inside.

Rolltex Fire works exclusively in case of fire and is automatically activated by the fire detection system or the fire alarm. Thanks to its built-in photocell barrier, if it detects an object or person during operation, it stops and resumes its movement after a few seconds.

Unlike conventional fire doors, fire curtains are lightweight and can be completely concealed in small spaces, so that they blend in with the design of the environment, both in small and large openings. This feature makes them a perfect security element for indoor public areas such as stores, theaters, offices, residential complexes, hotels, etc.

They will be exhibiting at stand 6B04.