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21 June 2022


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It produces more than 30,000 tons of garlic and 6,000 tons of onions per year

Ajos La Veguilla occupies a prominent place in what is considered the Capital of Garlic. Known for the production of the Purple Garlic variety, the company has a series of particularities, technical means and human resources that result in unique products.

Currently, La Veguilla produces each year more than 30,000 tons of garlic and 6,000 tons of onions, figures that place it among the leading producers in Europe as well as among the main suppliers of different distribution chains worldwide. It exports 68% of its production and is present in more than 30 countries on five continents.

In recent years, the Company has invested more than six million euros in facilities and technology to complement its knowledge of the field and to be able to offer its customers the widest range of products, in response to the evolution of current market demands. Among the novelties recently developed are new products such as Black or Organic Garlic and/or new formats containing fewer units -for the sake of customization- and adaptation to the needs of end consumers.

La Veguilla achieves the perfect balance between craftsmanship and technology in its activity. It has been able to lead the process of modernization of cultivation without losing the essence of tradition, taking it to a large scale thanks to the latest innovations in machinery and entrusting the manual care of the plants and their fruits to garlic professionals with extensive knowledge of the field and the handling of this product.

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