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29 September 2022

AFRUCAT and its groundbreaking campaign: "Take care of yourself as apples take care of you".

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Direct, shocking, fresh and very vibrant, so comes the new Afrucat campaign aimed at promoting apples under the slogan: "Take care of yourself as an apple takes care of you".

Breaking schemes and making us reflect on the importance of taking care of ourselves daily through the consumption of fruits and the most fundamental healthy habits for a full life. AFRUCAT is the Fruit Business Association of Catalonia and represents the interests of 87 fruit companies. It was formed in 2009 as the first Association of Spanish Fruit Producers' Organizations (OAP) encouraged by the European Commission to strengthen the sector's position in the market, and since then it has not stopped growing.  This campaign aims to raise awareness among young people to lead a healthy lifestyle and diet with fresh fruit and vegetables from the EU. In addition, it wants to publicize the latest studies and news about apples produced in the EU, improving their valuation and perception by young people and thus increase the competitiveness and consumption of EU agricultural products by increasing their visibility.

Unfortunately, Spain is the third European country with the highest child and youth obesity, only behind Greece and Italy, so Afrucat is looking for the good health of the younger generations. The idea is to promote the consumption of all fruits and vegetables, especially apples produced in the European Union. The most produced and popular fruit in more places in Europe. All this, they are doing through a fresh, fun and impactful communication that will seduce, for sure, the new generations. The campaign has the following collaborating companies: Nufri, Giropoma, Frutícola Empordà y Girona Fruits, and is an information and promotion program whose general objective is to improve the competitiveness of the European Union's agricultural sector, informing consumers about balanced and appropriate food practices, with the specific aim of increasing the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables from the EU.

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