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21 June 2022


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The French controlled atmosphere specialist

Absoger has been a French fruit specialist for over 35 years. The company manufactures and distributes a full range of equipment for controlled atmosphere for fruit and vegetable long storage worldwide thanks to a high skilled team based in the south of France, and its professional and reliable partners network. With our solutions, there is no need for chemicals or other consumables!

The equipment range includes Nitrogen generators, CO2 scrubbers, high performance ethylene catalysts, precise O2/ CO2/C2H4 analysers and an automated management system of the gas levels in cold room (full supervision).

ABSOGER's complete solution for ethylene control includes ethylene measurement and removal of ethylene down to chamber concentrations below 0.02 ppm.

This solution is particularly effective for the preservation of ethylene-sensitive fruits such as tropical fruits.

Furthermore, Absoger has developed the Dynamic Pressure Management system a new technique that allows to reach perfect tightness conditions for every kind of cold room.

For high-value products such as berries, the company manufacture its Palicontrol System, which provide gas levels control in a pallet. Maximum flexibility to store different fruits in the same cold room: no need of airtight room.

Thanks to a wide experience ABSOGER and its French refrigeration partner develops and provides long term storage turnkey projects worldwide. The project scope includes cold room construction, refrigeration and ULO/ Extreme-ULO controlled atmosphere systems and tailored technical assistance.

Your project, our solutions.

Absoger await you at Fruit Attraction 2022.