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21 June 2022


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We are extremely proud of the story you are about to read. It all began in 1907, over 100 years ago, in Breda. By now, Aartsen has become a truly internationally operating company, with branches and partners in every corner of the globe. Aartsen is a real family business, with the fourth generation currently at its helm.

When it comes to fresh, Aartsen goes beyond the extra mile. We offer everything in the world of fruit and vegetables. Literally. Every day we make sure that our range of products from around the world finds its way to our customers. We call this NONSTOPFRESH. This makes Aartsen the one and only true international gateway for fruit and vegetables. Aartsen will do anything to deliver fruit and vegetables fresher than fresh to one of our Benelux destinations or to Hong Kong.

You grow your product, we grow your business.
There are several ways to grow within the Aartsen company. It all starts with our growers and partners who are responsible for the growth of our products all over the world. The attention, work and love they give to their products is what Aartsen wants to return. In our promotion, possibilities and our people who sell the products with just as much attention, work and love.

Our business model in the Benelux.
We have an extremely wide range of customers in the Benelux. Every week, we deliver to over 1,000 different customers. All of our branches sell both by phone and via cash & carry. Every customer is equally important to Aartsen, regardless of their size.

Our business model in Asia.
Our Hong Kong office markets fresh fruit and vegetables to over 15 countries in the Far East. With our global partners, we distribute a wide range of produce to a very wide range of customers. From fruit vendors, street shops, hotels, catering, wholesalers in 2st, 2nd and 3rd tier cities till processing, retailers and online sellers.

Our private labels travel the world.
Aartsen spends a lot of time and energy on branding, presentation and marketing. The result is a very varied and distinctive brand portfolio. Our own brands have a strong and perceptible connection to the countries of origin, giving the products tremendous added value.
Benelux:  +31(0)76 – 52 48 100
Asia: +852 37 05 55 06