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15 July 2022

"5 AL DÍA", bets for a better future for the youngest

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"5 al día" will be present at Fruit Attraction with a grouped space located in Hall 5 with its partners Plátano de Canarias, Instituto Canario de Calidad Agroalimentaria (ICCA), Anecoop, Ibérica de patatas, Kiwi Atlántico, Fruit Growing Quality, Jumosol and Cereales y Melones Borrascas; having 704 square meters. The Association, which has participated in this event since its inception, will bring a proposal full of surprises in the square of activities along with its main mission: To promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Among its main activities will be the tasting of a rice with vegetables that will provide visitors with a healthy meal at the fair, in addition to different actions related to the promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption.

Educating children is a task that starts at home. However, in most cases, this seems not to be enough to implement a healthy lifestyle habit in them due to different factors, either lack of time on the part of parents who opt for speed and complacency; lack of knowledge about the subject since for some it may seem like a myth; or simply, it is not taken into account as something relevant in early education. "5 al día" y Fruit Today and Cajamar have teamed up to launch a campaign entitled: Say "YES to Nutrition Education in the Classroom" which aims to implement mandatory nutrition education in the classroom through

That is why the campaign aims to initiate education on the subject to children between 0 and 16 years; which are in a primary stage of absorption of information where, if done correctly, this being the basis, will bring in the medium term, young people who can make better and more convenient decisions when it comes to food.

In 5 al día they are betting on challenging challenges, proposals that aim to change the world and is that children are the future, educating them is a task that depends on everyone, which is why "5 a day" invites everyone who wants to be part of this initiative to put their grain of sand by signing the petition.

The grouped space of "5 al día" intends to be one more year the meeting point for partners, suppliers and friends of the sector. Do not miss the party of the fruit and vegetable sector!Find our stand 5D03B at Fruit Attraction.