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21 June 2022


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Synergistic Biostimulant Power

After years of R&D research, Tecnicrop has developed an exclusive range of plant biostimulation, based on the so-called PBS technology (Synergistic Biostimulant Power). This technology contains a balanced and optimal ratio of different natural molecules with BIOSTIMULATING POWER that once released into the growing medium and absorbed by the plant, produce the activation of its metabolism, triggering its physiological processes and its response mechanisms against all kinds of biotic or abiotic stress situations. The constituents of this technology generate a SYNERGIC AND IMMEDIATE EFFECT, i.e. a greater and faster effect after its application.

BALANCER LS is the first product developed based on PBS technology, designed to produce a specific biostimulation at key moments of crop development: sprouting, flowering and fruit set, providing key microelements for growth and development and contributing to the reduction of the plant's energy expenditure necessary to carry out these processes. Its strong osmoprotective effect, together with the reinforcement of the cell wall, helps to cope with water stress that can lead to an increase in fruit abscission.

A recent study carried out by accredited laboratories for EOR (Officially Recognized Tests), has shown that the use of BALANCER LS, during the sprouting period in citrus, produces a significant increase in the number and length of shoots, after only two applications. Likewise, a significant increase in end-of-harvest yield was also observed, between 17 and 20% compared to the control.

The results of this study show that the use of Balancer LS contributes to the rapid vegetative and productive development of the plant. Its use is recommended during sprouting times, to maximize the efficacy of the product.

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