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24 May 2022


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Ever their creation, Egalsa and the JJ Chicolino Group, have always been on the side of recycling, recovery and the responsible use and consumption of the planet's resources. We have ISO 9001, Quality Management System, ISO 14001, Environmental Management System.

They have been pioneers in the development of woven netting made of cellulose yarn MALLAS NATURLINE keeping in mind the reduction of plastic waste generated by plastic netting and plastic packaging. NATURLINE is its range of compostable woven nets designed and developed for packaging products such as fruit, vegetables, seafood, toys, parts,... i.e. it is designed to be used as packaging netting and must be thrown into the container to be composted.

Once the NATURLINE net packaging has been opened, it should be thrown directly into the organic waste bin where it will be composted together with other waste such as fruit skins, potatoes, etc... for subsequent composting.  NATURLINE has the Industrial and Home compostability certificates for natural fibres.

NATURLINE is made up of compostable cellulose yarn originating from sustainable forests and designed for the production of wood that will be replanted within a maximum period of 5 years in responsible compliance with FSC and PEFC regulations: Our NATURLINE nets have the Industrial and Home compostability certificates for natural fibres.

Egalsa continues to provide sustainable packaging solutions. They have recently made another important investment in a marking and printing line for WOODEN PACKAGING, an increasingly important product family both in terms of turnover and presence in different formats and sales channels, such as fruit, vegetables, as well as seafood such as oysters, clamshells and mussels. For wooden packaging they also have FSC and PEFC certifications. Their wide range of WOODEN PACKAGING such as NATURLINE netting is allowing them to open up to other markets and to internationalisation, a very important and demanding step for which Egalsa and the Group are investing in both industrial and human resources without losing sight of the manufacture of 100% recyclable netting and sacks for all types of containers and packaging. In this field they have made a very important industrial investment incorporating a manufacturing line of Bi-oriented netting, a range of netting intended for agricultural and industrial applications. "Pack to the future" defines our clear orientation towards the future of packaging where we will undoubtedly find a world full of opportunities and new challenges where Egalsa and the JJ Chicolino Group intend to continue growing in a sustainable way and respecting the environment".

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