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Fresh Food Logistics, the new international commercial hub for the entire food cold chain

At IFEMA, from 20 to 22 October

A new international trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and cold chain management for perishable foods will coincide with Fruit Attraction

26 Mar 2020

To coincide with Fruit Attraction 2020 , the first edition of Fresh Food Logistics, a new International Fair for Logistics, Mobility, IT and Management of the Fresh Food Refrigeration Chain will be held from 20 to 22 October in Hall 2 at IFEMA.

At a time when the refrigerated logistics sector is showing its strategic value in the economy to supply food during the exceptional situation caused by COVID-19, IFEMA is making gigantic efforts to provide local and regional governments with all the necessary resources,  infrastructure and services of the emergency hospital that has been set up in collaboration with suppliers to be able to care for more than 5,000 patients, and to house 1,500 homeless people, in line with its commitment to society and to the business community. It is committed to getting back to normal as quickly as possible, and to contribute to reopening the trade fair site as a resource that will help to restore and strengthen commercial, personal and international relations when this is needed most.

This is also the reason for the launch of Fresh Food Logistics, which will serve as a commercial hub for all actors linked to the transport and refrigerated logistics of the supply chain for both fresh (meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy, fruits and vegetables, eggs, tortillas, bread, some sausages...) and frozen perishable products.

For the first time, a unique specialised event will be launched in the European Union for trade professionals and specialists, incorporating all logistics and mobility solutions for the perishable food industry, bringing the entire Food Chain together, from origin to consumer.

This new international meeting space will include solutions for air conditioning and conservation and storage facilities; refrigerated, isothermal and refrigerated containers; processing, handling and packaging systems for fresh food; refrigerated transport temperature control systems; logistics services and operators; refrigerated transport and related refrigeration equipment, technologies and automation refrigeration chain; quality control equipment and systems; refrigeration facilities, refrigeration equipment and temperature control for retail, and transport solutions for food-delivery and "food e-commerce".

Aimed at trade professionals, users and buyers of all these solutions: producers and cooperatives in the fresh food sector; food industry: logistics, quality, purchasing, production, packaging .... wholesalers, fresh food traders, import / export fresh food traders. retail, retailers, supermarkets, convenience stores. horeca. food service supply chains. fresh e-commerce, and in-flight meals / railway catering.

Fresh Food Logistics will benefit from synergies with Fruit Attraction, although it will have its own identity and exhibition area, and will be one of the top attractions at this twelfth edition. Fruit Attraction’s usual visitor profile, head buyers from the world’s supermarket chains, particularly from Europe, will also be able to visit the event to see refrigerated transport and logistics solutions for the fresh produce supply chain. It will also take place simultaneously with the Fresh Food Logistics Summit , a great mono-themed congress organised by Alimarket on 20 October at the IFEMA South Auditorium.

Fruit Attraction 2020, the leading international fair for fruit and vegetable product marketing and distribution is expecting more than 2,000 exhibitors and 95,000 visitors from 140 countries.

A growing sector

Refrigerated logistics for fresh products is one of the great challenges facing the food industry, for short, medium and long distances, requiring maximum guarantees regarding traceability, quality, efficiency, margin management, environmental commitment, sustainability … One of the factors encouraging this trend is the increase in world population, which, together with food waste due to its rapid deterioration, l means that we need the means to make food last longer. The change in consumer buying habits has also been an influence. Innovation and the industry’s constant technological advances require specialised trade fairs where businesses can present, explain and market all these solutions.

Spain is one of the world's leading exporting fresh produce countries, mainly to Europe, and it is expanding into increasingly distant buyer markets . There's no question that Fresh Food Logistics will cement the leading position and export capacity of the Spanish market as a new hub for fresh logistics worldwide.

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