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The FiturNext 2021 Observatory is already warming up

After a successful first edition, the FiturNext 2021 Observatory is already warming up. FITUR has already launched the new installment of this initiative, which aims to detect and promote good practices that generate positive effects in the tourism field and can be replicated by entities and organisations from other parts of the planet to improve the industry and the environment. On this occasion, the chosen challenge is the industry's contribution to gender equality and female empowerment. A commitment fully aligned with the fifth Sustainable Development Goal.

Replicable projects to improve the industry

The Observatory has just completed its open call for good practices, which has been operational between January and June. During this time, very diverse candidacies have been received that positively impact the well-being of thousands of women around the world.

Now the Observatory begins a period of research and analysis of the good practices received. To do this, it will implement the Replicability Barometer and assess the impact on the challenge, in-house methodologies that allow evaluating practices in order to determine their weaknesses and strengths to be replicated by other actors and with other resources. After that, the FiturNext Advisory Council will select the best practices, which will be presented and awarded at FITUR 2021.

A past edition with great repercussion

Last year, FiturNext focused on how tourism can foster local economic and social development. It mapped and analysed more than 250 initiatives with positive social and environmental effects and, among them, awarded the projects of:

  • Apadrina un Olivo (Sponsor an Olive Tree): an initiative that recovers, conserves and values ​​the abandoned centennial olive grove in Oliete (Teruel, Spain), while generating a sustainable economy with social inclusion in the town.
  • Starlight Foundation: an entity that offers a system of certifications so that destinations, accommodations and nature reserves can develop astro-tourism in rural territories.
  • Soap for Hope: a project that salvages soap remnants from hotels around the world so that women in vulnerable situations can upcycle and sell soap bars.

FITUR 2020 also hosted the presentation of the FiturNext 2020 Report, an analysis resulting from research carried out by the Observatory. A document that will have its replica in 2021, once the work for this new edition is completed.

Welcome, FiturNext 2021!