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How can tourism contribute to a more accessible society?

Last December 2020, the World Tourism Organisation identified accessibility as a paradigm shift for tourist destinations in order to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. This objective is key to achieving a balanced society and the tourism industry should not be oblivious to this fact.

Good practices

In this latest edition of FiturNext, the Observatory analysed good tourism practices that contribute to accessibility and inclusion in the sector. The winning initiatives of the challenge were the following:

  • TUR4all: Digital and collaborative platform that promotes accessible resources to publicise offers and destinations available to everyone.
  • Albastar: Airline that allows people with any type of disability to travel by plane in comfort with guaranteed accessible resources.
  • COCEMFE: Organises accessible trips for people with disabilities, planning experiences with all services guaranteed. 

Why is this challenge important?

In Spain there are almost four million people with some kind of disability, around 9% of the population, and almost 19% of the population is over 65 years old. Despite the endless opportunities offered by this type of services, little more than 9% of European facilities and services have some level of accessibility.

This year's call is aimed at initiatives that take a holistic view of accessibility in three key areas:

  • New technologies at the service of accessible tourism
  • Accessible tourism services and complementary offer
  • Management and promotion of accessibility in tourism

Tourism will be within everyone's reach when all the environments, services and products offered in the tourism offer allow everyone to access, use and enjoy them in a standardised, autonomous and safe way.

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Read the report 'FiturNext 2022: Towards a more accessible tourism' and consult all the details of the edition.

FiturNext 2022 Report
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FiturNext 2022 Challenge: How can tourism contribute to a more accessible society