Challenge Fitur Next

How can tourism contribute to regenerating the natural environment?

In the FiturNext 2023 Challenge we will explore good tourism practices that have a positive impact on the natural environment through regeneration, whether in the terrestrial or aquatic environment. Both in urban and rural areas.

Why is this challenge important?

It is about building, both from the tourism supply and from the demand itself, a model in which the communities receive a benefit and see their quality of life improved through the conservation of their natural environment.

It is also important because, on many occasions, protected areas have a shortage of resources for their conservation. Tourism can contribute to finding those economic means.

This challenge contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 14 and 15, directly, and to others, such as 11 and 13, indirectly.

If you want to contribute to this challenge and to the improvement of the planet through tourism, sign up here.