FiturNext Manifesto

At Fitur, we embark on a journey to promote best practices that contribute to tackle social and environmental challenges in the tourism industry

This is your invitation to join our journey!

Our point of departure


Travel and tourism is one of the key drivers of global and local economy. It is estimated that, by 2030, tourism will represent 12% of the global GDP and there will be 1.8 billion travelers in the world.


Tourism is a valuable catalyst for cultural and natural wealth creation across the globe. It facilitates the exchange between cultures and individuals and fosters personal growth for travelers.


We believe that the development of tourism must take place under the premise of sustainability and we want to contribute to boosting positive impact tourism. We believe that there are models of tourism with the potential to make the world a better place and contribute to tackling global issues such as equity, care for the environment and the preservation of cultural heritage.

We drive tourism with positive effects on:

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city street


Mountain and lake landscape

The planet


We analyze best practices in tourism to tackle challenges like preserving the environment, improving air quality, driving local economic growth, managing infrastructure, resources and waste, and prioritizing the needs of residents.
We believe in diversity, curiosity and collaboration among the industry, the public sector, communities and visitors as the very root of impact innovation.
We see the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as a powerful and inspirational framework.

Our mission: analyze and promote the replication of best practices


We identify and select innovative and positive practices around the world.


We analyze what challenges they tackle and what are the keys to their success.


We promote the best ones and drive their replication.

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Our Destination: The Tourism We Would Like to See in the Future

In FiturNext we seek to find, showcase and spread the word about initiatives around the world that tackle challenges created by tourism and create a positive impact for visitors, residents, destinations and the planet.

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