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Induser Shares Unique Solutions this October, in Madrid

While best known for their fully adaptive packing lines including precise and fast circular multihead weighing, the innovative engineering company has introduced new solutions in fresh packing.

Noticia Expositor G

The flexible sorting and packing lines are ideal for many products, but there are some products which simply require their own design, like Palermo peppers. Neighboring pepper producers came to Induser seeking a solution for this product, and the result has been greatly successful.

Induser clients report a 50% decrease in production costs alone, due to the rapid rate of production they were able to achieve, saving 17€ per kilo. They are also able to take full advantage of their yield; the +/-5 gram weighing margin is 10x more exact than manual packing. The solution for this challenging product is a linear associative weigher, which offers fast and exact weighing with gentle product handling. It is ideal not only for long, pointed peppers, but any larger or longer product such as carrots, cucumbers, or zucchini.

For more information about this or any packing solution, Induser will be present at 2017´s Fruit Attraction this October 18-20 in Hall 9, stand 9B12. For inquiries at any time, please contact the Commercial Director, Pedro Martínez (pedro@induser.es) or Marketing department (alaina@induser.es).




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