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Induser Presents their New Packing Lines for Fresh Products

The engineering company will be sharing their latest in flexible packing at 2017´s Fruit Attraction.

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This summer at the Congreso Internacional de Frutos Rojos, or the International Berry Conference, held annually in Huelva, Spain, Induser has introduced some of the latest innovations in berry packing. The company, specialists in fresh food automatic packing solutions, listened to the problems of local producers to design the main feature of their newest packing lines: adaptability.

While Induser has worked for years to develop custom packing solutions that are ultra-efficient in sorting, weighing, and packing, they have been able push efficiency even further, allowing producers to pack an enormous variety of different product and container formats within one single line, with almost no changeover time. This has been very exciting for the blueberry sector: as international markets have been demanding new kinds of formats for their berries, such as shaker cups and mini buckets, producers can quickly adapt without large investments.

Induser was one of the first companies worldwide to introduce circular multihead associative weighing for berries and has worked closely with many Spanish berry producers to improve their sorting and packing processes. The growth and importance of this national sector has been evident in each edition of the congress.

Induser’s engineering is not only designed for berries. In fact, the original design of the berry weighing and packing lines was based on their already-successful lines for cherry tomatoes. In addition to cherry tomatoes and berries, the company specializes in solutions for mini peppers, stone fruits, nuts, candy, as well as their new line for challenging products like Italian peppers and zucchini.

Induser looks forward to sharing their latest at Fruit Attraction 2017 in Madrid, October 18-20. Look for them in Hall 9, stand 9B12. For inquiries at any time, please contact the Commercial Director, Pedro Martínez (pedro@induser.es) or Marketing department (alaina@induser.es).

More information at: www.induser.es/en/

Induser at Fruit Attraction, 18-20 October: Hall 9, stand 9B12




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