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TECMA 2018 defines the strategic lines for its next edition

The Organising Committee, with wide industry representation, has been constituted

On 14 June, the first meeting was held of the Organising Committee for TECMA, the International Town Planning and Environment Trade Fair, organised by IFEMA, which will hold its 19th edition, from 13 to 15 June 2018, in the framework of the SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS FORUM (FSMS), which also includes the MADRID CITIES FORUM, the International Recovery and Recycling Trade Fair (SRR), the Hygiene and Cleaning Trade Show (ESCLEAN), and the ENVIFOOD Meeting Point.

14 Dec 2017

At the meeting, progress was made in defining the working lines for the next edition, to which the various bodies and institutions, associations and companies that make up the Organising Committee, with wide industry representation, commit themselves. The membership includes the main business sectors related to environmental services in cities, as well as local governments (through FEMP, ANEPMA, and the Madrid City Council), experts on urban management, and professionals who work with issues such as biodiversity in cities, quality of public space, innovation, the circular economy, waste management, maintenance and urban landscaping.

Specifically, this body includes representatives of the Community of Madrid and the Madrid City Council, the Spanish Association of Public Parks and Gardens (AEPJ), the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Street Furniture and Playgrounds (AFAMOUR), the National Association of Environmental Public Companies (ANEPMA), the Technical Association for Waste Management and the Environment (ATEGRUS), the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), the Spanish Association of Parks and Gardens (ASEJA), the Association of Public Cleaning Companies (ASELIP), the Spanish Association of Landscapers (AEP), Plastic Omnium Sistemas Urbanos, S.A., Ros Roca, Andreas Stihl, and SVAT – Sistemas y Vehículos de Alta Tecnología.

With all of them and their valuable input, IFEMA will design a programme for the 2018 edition of TECMA that tangibly addresses the main issues of concern to city managers, ensuring that this event is not just an exhibition space for the leading companies in the sector but also a place for sharing good practices, knowledge and real experiences in the daily work of the people responsible for managing our cities.

Lola González, Director of TECMA and of FSMS, presented the most important figures from the previous edition held in June 2016, and offered a preview of the main proposals and new developments for next year's edition. Among them, she highlighted the consolidation of the AFAMOUR Urban Furniture Showroom, the strengthening of synergies with the MADRID CITIES FORUM, which is held in parallel and on the same dates, and plans for various FMSM LABS (closed-door meetings of experts held beforehand where common conclusions are reached regarding common issues), like those to be dedicated to urban biodiversity, the circular economy, and the "child-friendly city".

In the interest of providing up-to-date answers to urban problems in real-time , TECMA 2018 will also place the accent on promoting and publicising services, products and innovation processes, both technological and social, creating a new space for this purpose called TECMA VERDE. There, companies and organisations will be able to talk about their main innovation projects that contribute to the design of more sustainable cities with better quality of life for their inhabitants. Along the same lines, the possibility is being considered of creating an exhibition space to show good practices in urban biodiversity through an event where municipalities can provide "before and after" images of recent actions that have improved the green metabolism of cities.

With all this, and other new developments to be revealed in coming months, TECMA 2018 will once again be confirmed as the leading event for companies, organisations and city governments in the areas of urban environment, climate change, the circular economy and innovation.

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