What is Tecma?

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What is Tecma?

The 19th edition of the TECMA International Urbanism and Environment Fair will host a program that gives tangible answers to the main issues that most concern city managers, ensuring that this call is not only an exhibition space for the main companies of the sector, but also a place to exchange good practices, knowledge and real experiences in the day to day of those responsible for our cities.

In order to provide updated and real-time responses to urban problems, TECMA 2018 will also focus on promoting and disseminating services, products and innovation processes, both technological and social, creating a new space called TECMA VERDE where companies and organizations will be able to count on their main innovative projects that help design more sustainable cities with a better quality of life for their inhabitants. In this way, TECMA 2018 will once again be confirmed as the reference appointment for companies, organizations and municipalities in the fields of urban environment, climate change, circular economy and innovation.

TECMA is part of the ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY FORUM, FSMS, whose third call is organized by IFEMA from June 13 to 15, 2018. This FORUM is also integrated by the 6th edition of the International Recovery and Recycling Fair, SRR; the 3rd Salon of Professional Cleaning and Hygiene, ESCLEAN; the 3rd ENVIFOOD Meeting Point, and the third FORUM OF THE CITIES OF MADRID.

The FORUM ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY, FSMS, is an integrative and transversal meeting that connects ideas and people. It is a biennial call and with a vocation to value the advances in environmental sustainability in different fields of activity and to operate as a transversal space, which groups various activities. Currently, it has the collaboration of more than 80 organizations from different sectors.

FSMS analyzes the environmental consequences that are associated with the big industry, but also the solutions and techniques that companies and institutions offer today to make possible the demands of sustainable social, economic and environmental development.

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Why visit Tecma?

This will not be the only motivation found by those who meet at TECMA: besides all this, they can participate in meetings with experts on topics relevant to their business, strengthen relationships with current suppliers and meet new ones, or participate in relaxed and good-natured business meetings. For all those who visit the fair, there will be a meeting space that will attract the attention of the media and potential customers.

Central, regional and local administrations, consulting companies, laboratories and research centres, large, small and medium-sized industries and sports and leisure facilities, among others, will attend a fair where they will be able to find the latest innovations in high pressure cleaners, steam cleaning machines, sewage treatment plants, industrial cleaning products, disinfectants, biodegradable materials and even professional and work clothes.


  • Get a detailed view of the market
  • Discover trends and innovations
  • Participate in meetings with experts on topics relevant to your business
  • Strengthen relationships with current suppliers and meet new suppliers
  • Participate in relaxed and good-natured business meetings
  • Be part of an event that will attract the attention of the media and potential customers.
  • Enjoy Madrid and its large offer.