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ShoesRoom by Momad the footwear industry event

Organised by IFEMA, the show is holding its second edition from 20-22 September at La Nave, a location near the centre of Madrid, with uninterrupted opening hours Friday and Saturday ( 9.30am -6pm) and Sunday from 9.30am to 3pm. 112 companies, many of them emblematic brands in the industry, with their collections for the Spring-Summer 2020 and Autumn-Winter 2019/20 season.

19 Sep 2019

Business strategies and major challenges such as the digital impact on companies in the sector form the basis of the full programme of activities and professional conferences at the show.

In 2018, Spanish footwear production reached 100 million pairs, an increase of 0.8%, and raised its value by 4.8%. In the first half of 2019, exports of leather footwear remained stable and those of women and children’s footwear grew slightly.
ShoesRoom by Momad concentrates the entire footwear and accessories industry from 20-22 September in an event that focuses on quality and innovation as fundamental elements to boost the business.

The show is holding its second edition as a powerful commercial platform, developed by IFEMA in collaboration with FICE (Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries). This union aims to boost the industry and bring new business strategies in line with current trends in society. The current event will be held again at La Nave, a unique industrial-style location close to the centre of Madrid.

The event will show its collections for the Spring-Summer 2020 and Autumn-Winter 2019/20 season and 112 companies will be participating, including this sector’s domestic emblematic brands, and brands from other countries.

In order to strengthen the relationship with buyers, a strategy aimed at knowledge and segmentation of retailers has been developed. In addition, new tools have been implemented, such as Meet & Scan, available in the event’s app, which will enable databases to be generated on your mobile devices, both for exhibitors and visitors  who have previously registered online.
Assistance with internationalisation
On the other hand, contributing to the internationalisation of the participating brands is also a strategic point in this second edition of ShoesRoom by Momad. In this regard, the event is once again organising an important International Guest Buyers Programme, in collaboration with ICEX and with the support of FICE, which will attract prominent firms from different parts of the world to the fair.

Thus, the holding of this programme will facilitate the attendance at the fair of representatives from shops and distributors in Latin American countries, such as Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic; from Arab countries such as Lebanon, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates; from North America (San Diego); and, as a novelty at this edition, South-East Asian countries such as Thailand and Singapore are included, in addition to Australia (Oceania).

Presentations of reports exclusively
In parallel to the commercial activity, ShoesRoom by Momad will be developing an extensive programme of activities and professional conferences.
On the one hand, in the conference sessions, outstanding professionals will analyse the main challenges and strategies of the sector. Among the topics discussed, prominent is the digital impact of footwear brands which will be delivered by Patricia San Miguel of ISEM Fashion Business School. The latter is a centre within the University of Navarra and the first business school specialising in fashion companies that has existed in Spain since 2001.

In addition, an unpublished study on the footwear sector in Spain will be presented through the most representative companies. This is a new report, compiled by Omega Financial Partners (OFP), entitled “The Footwear Sector in Spain through 50+1 of the most representative companies”. To do this, the firm sought out public sources and records, in order to assess the financial health of the most representative companies in the sector. The study will be presented by Manuel Guasch Molins, president of OFP, José Manuel Pazos Royo, CEO, and Rubén Bernat Enguídanos, partner and corporate general manager.

The conference will also analyse issues such as the recipe for success in multichannel e-commerce, sustainability, the footwear industry, segmentation and analytics and professional training.

During the days before the holding of ShoesRoom by Momad, a conference programme will be carried out in La Nave under the name of Retail Week, which will take a deep dive into practical knowledge and business strategies, while addressing key issues for the sector. Among them will be home automation solutions in retail to reduce expenses and improve business efficiency. Also, how to create and sell a product quickly and effectively; how to take advantage of data and respect customer privacy; and how to manage a company’s social networks.

New features
ShoesRoom by Momad will once again have important and attractive new features in this edition, such as the exhibition of Sustainable Experience collections in such brands like Ría Menorca, Kanna, Mireia Playá , Barquet and Starlove, which will highlight the importance of sustainability and respect for the environment in the footwear sector, an industry which is increasingly aware of this topic.

The exhibition of summer footwear “Made in Spain” -Avarcas and Espadrilles will show a clear example of the growing attractiveness of our country’s own production. They will also be joined by Yute de Caravaca: an exhibition of machine handicrafts.

Digital presence
Among the activities related to the digitalisation of ShoesRoom by Momad, one highlight is Walking ShoesRoom, a campaign created together with the influencer @patrizienta, who walk around La Nave in order to present the wide range of exhibits on social networks. In addition, through El Armario de la Tele-Moddo demonstrations will be carried out of solutions for retailers and manufacturers.
Located at the entrance of LA NAVE and providing an innovative component to the fair, the Shoesroom Innovation space presents Freaklances Project. This tool is used to perform 3D modeling and printing demonstrations of footwear, lasts and insoles showing innovation in scanning to generate identical lasts of different feet.
On Saturday and Sunday there will be also a scanner to capture feet realistically and show how they can make custom templates and personalised products.
On the other hand, this same place , La NAVE startups, presents sensorization solutions in retail.

Commitment to entrepreneurship
Meanwhile, ShoesRoom by Momad continues to show its commitment to entrepreneurship. Through the contest ShoesRoom by Momad Talents, the two winners will participate in this edition by having a stand in the showroom free of charge: Lemon Rouge and Marta Estrada NYC.

#ShoesRoomTalents by ISEM: support for entrepreneurs
This edition of the fair will see the participation with a stand by the two new creators - Lemon Rouge and Marta Estrada NYC- who won the ShoesRoom by MOMAD talent contest, promoted by the fair to support young designers.
#ShoesRoomTalents, this time sponsored by the ISEM Fashion Business School, is a competition of young talents from the footwear industry, which gives brands or new designers the opportunity to present their collections.

Lemon Rouge is a brand of handmade footwear, created in December 2018, whose designs are made in limited editions following ethical, sustainable and entirely Spanish manufacturing criteria. This brand is betting on redefining classical designs through timeless creations which are modern in terms of inspiration. The brand designs and manufactures its footwear using the most artisanal and traditional processes: more than 20 artisans are involved in the manufacturing process of each of their shoes. The founder and creative director of the brand is Marina Junquera Sánchez, originally from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

On the other hand, Marta Estrada NYC was founded in April 2016 by Marta Estrada, CEO and creative director, with the aim of improving the day-to-day lives of active, feminine and dynamic women who are interested in fashion and aesthetics. The brand has found a way to offer design without sacrificing comfort, through patented technology and years of research and development. Thanks to numerous changes and improvements, today it offers a top class high-heeled shoe with a design enabling longer and better endurance.

Good pace of footwear production
Spanish footwear production is continuing at a good pace and its quality is increasing. In 2018, it reached 100 million pairs, an increase of 0.8%, and raised its value by 4.8% through its commitment to this quality. Although in the first half of 2019 the total export figure fell slightly, exports of leather footwear remained stable and those of women and children’s footwear grew slightly. Leather goods, meanwhile, have evolved positively during the first five months of the current year, with a production growth of 0.56%. This information can be expanded in the annex to this note prepared by FICE “Footwear exports 2019”.
Specifically, national footwear production remained close to 99 million pairs, reaching
€2.1 billion. These data represent an increase of 0.8% in number of pairs and an increase of 4.8% in value and 3.9% in average price compared to 2017. Among the items produced, prominent are shoes, sandals and leather slippers with any type of tread (except sports and protective shoes), with 64.2% of the total in pairs and 82.8% in value. They are followed by articles produced using textile materials (except sports and protective shoes), with 26.9% in pairs and 10.6% in value.

ShoesRoom by Momad is holding its second edition on 20-22 September at La Nave, a location near the centre of Madrid. The schedule will be Friday and Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.