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Momad Sectors


Participants: Lola Casademunt, Stella Ritwagen, Parafina CO, Unum Eyewear, Maltessa, The Code, Mi Maria Morena, Kontessa, Marmott, Bolsillo Concept.

MOMAD also has a space for the latest trends in this fashion accessory. Bags, scarves, leather goods, fashion jewellery, sunglasses and other products for a ‘total look’, are presented in a dedicated space within the hall.


Participants: The Extreme Collection, Culito from Spain, El armario de Lulú, Mamatayoe/Comounaregadera, Cupid Killer, Fresh Snow, Hannibal Laguna, Lion of Porches, Cristina Barros, South Fashion Brands.

Informal, urban fashion is presented in the Casual area of MOMAD. A specific space for exhibitors to present their ‘Preview Collections’ and for those who want to learn more about trends among younger audiences.


Emerging fashion creators appear at MOMAD to reach a younger audience with bold, groundbreaking designs. Young talents from the textile industry who are taking their first steps in fashion, and who need this platform to reach multi-brand trade.

Metro space

High-level international brands have their own space, where they present the latest trends in ‘preview collections’ presented by their agents in Spain.


Participants: Matilde Cano, Carla Ruíz, Tocados Cloché, Olimara, Marta en Brazil, Christina Felix.

It’s time to dress up! That’s why this specific area of MOMAD is reserved for the latest Cocktail and Event sector firms. Fashion for important celebrations, cocktail parties, evening events and ceremonies.

Momad 4.0 point of sales services

Participants: TLG Commerce, Lectra, Instore.

All the services that businesses and points of sale need are also exhibited at MOMAD. Mannequins, hangers, business and inventory software, security and decoration, packaging, labels etc. Innovative solutions for retail.


Participants: Valero Factory, Fyord, The Cool Cactus.

Fashion, footwear and accessories for men.

Swimwear and lingerie

Participants: Bicho Marinho, Bohodot, Tropical Brazil.

The star of summer fashion is the swimsuit, and this is the place to see all that’s new in women’s swimwear and lingerie.


Participants: Hortensia / Marina Riviero, Alba Conde, Javier Simorra, Viriato, Olga Santoni, Elisa Cortés, Mercedes de Miguel, Vilagallo, Laura Bernal, EMME, Pe de Chumbo.

Without sacrificing its traditional style, this area of MOMAD features the latest trends in classic textile attire for both men and women. Firms with a mastery of pattern design that work with premium fabrics and refined lines.

Sustantaible experience

Participants: El Naturalista, Starlove, AMSE, MSM, Ooweyou, Susana Álvarez – Berlín, D the Brand, One Oak, Gogo Power.

MOMAD is keen to promote sustainability and responsibility in the fashion industry, which is why this specific area has been created within the fair for textile, footwear and accessories companies that work according to exemplary ethical standards in their production and marketing processes. Firms and designers that operate with social responsibility, using local production, craftspeople, with respect for biodiversity, and have sustainable and ethical distribution and human resources policies. A new area that shows MOMAD's interest for the growth and development of these companies that are also part of ‘Made in Spain’. 


Participants: El Naturalista, Starlove, AMSE, MSM, Ooweyou, Susana Álvarez – Berlín, D the Brand, One Oak, Gogo Power.

All urban fashion in the same space. Young firms, with a focus on street wear, will be presenting their collections for the coming season in a dedicated area for all the latest trends. This shows a firm commitment to national and international textile companies which are targeting a younger audience.


Participants: Flores Muñoz, Flamenco Rosa, Mele Beach, Niza, Akinolaude, Fresh Cotton, Adagatti, Pho Firenze

MOMAD will also be the place to find seasonal fashion for immediate sale. Firms presenting trends that are already on the streets and need to reach the public quickly and directly. Casual, urban and practical fashion available now.

Leather, fur and outwear

Participants: Corty Bennet, J & M

You’ll find winter fashion galore at the MOMAD winter edition. We will present the latest trends in fur, and sporty, casual outerwear fashions. Trends in leather and fur, as well as the city wear to protect from the cold.