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Footwear companies exhibit at MOMAD Fashion and Accesories show under the umbrella brand of ShoesRoom by MOMAD. The show takes place twice a year where they can present fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections.

A selection of footwear brand, new designers and leather accessories are those who make up the exhibitors profile in this area.

National and International professional visitors of the fashion and footwear multi-brand retail and boutiques are the target audience of the trade show.

Why visit?

Why visit Shoesroom by MOMAD?

  • Get comprehensive information about the specialised offer in the Spanish and international market during three busy working days.
  • Start, continue or close purchase processes and orders with the distribution channel present at Shoesroom by MOMAD.
  • Networking: Schedule meetings with current and potential suppliers through the Professional Meeting Point.
  • Visit and strengthen business relationships with current suppliers.
  • Discover potential new suppliers’ collections, trends and services.
  • Analyse the sector’s specialist offerings.
  • Find and learn about innovative technologies and services for your point of sale.
  • There will be opportunities to take part in activities, conferences, workshops and parades to obtain information and learn about sector news and developments.
  • Shoesroom by MOMAD: a key instrument for your company for projecting an image of purchasing power and positioning in the retail industry.
  • Obtain the information you need to assess your potential to participate as an exhibitor in the future.

Previous edition

During the previous edition of ShoesRoom by MOMAD 84 shoe store brands in attendance. The following brands attended: Callaghan, Pons Quintana, Pertini, Exé, Chie Mihara, Wonders, Mustang, Unisa, Gioseppo, Jaime Mascaró, Luis Onofre, Sison, Acebos, Igor, Alma de Candela, Gaimo, Kelme, Victoria, Alma en Pena, Azarey, Vidorreta, United Nude, Pepe Milán, Xyon, Arche, Som.mits, Kayakstorms, Aerobics and  Nerogiardini...

In addition, 2,700 professional visitors from 16 countries attended: Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait and Lebanon.

2.700 Participants
85 Brands
35% International brands
16 Countries
+16% International visitors