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05 August 2021

Men's fashion already boasts the second highest turnover in our country, just behind women's fashion

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• Internationalization will be one of the keys to the men's fashion sector viewed at MOMAD, with companies from different parts of the world. • During 2020, men's fashion accounted for 31.6% of the overall percentage of everything generated in the fashion sector in Spain.

MOMAD, the International Fashion, Textile, Footwear and Accessories Fair, organized by IFEMA MADRID, will present a large range of men's fashion. This confirms what has been an upward trend in previous editions. The men's fashion sector has already consolidated its position and ranks second place in our country in terms of turnover.

New trends in fashion, increasingly prevalent, also appear in the men's segment. With a wide variety of styles, numerous exhibitors from all over the world will have the opportunity to meet at MOMAD. The exhibitors will involve brands such as Matriz from Extremadura, to Avenue George V Paris originating from France, through Dors from Greece, Cotton Park from Portugal or Manly Week, from Colombia.

The next edition of MOMAD, to be held on September 17, 18 and 19 at the IFEMA MADRID Exhibition Center, will be the ideal space where all segments of the fashion industry will meet and have the opportunity to discuss and address where the fashion industry is heading in the coming years, along with new trends and how new digital tools can be applied.

The director of the fair, Julia González, has celebrated this successful participation of men's fashion, stating that “it’s a success  for us to be a platform promoting the fashion sector in all its aspects. In recent editions we have seen how fashion dedicated to men has also grown and developed a lot, so much so that at MOMAD we have numerous participants that do nothing but increase the differential value of our fair.”

Growth in men's fashion, backed up by data

This is a reality that can be supported with data. According to ACOTEX and according to the division carried out by subsectors, during 2020 men's fashion was the second highest turnover in Spain, with 31.6% of the total. It was only surpassed by women, with 35.7%.

Men's fashion was followed by home wear, with 19.6%, and lastly, children's fashion with 13.1%. Overall, textile trade turnover in Spain amounted to 10.619 million euros last year.

Special participation in MOMAD

This edition of the fair will be attended by El Triángulo de la Moda. This main group of wholesalers and manufacturers of fashion, accessories and costume jewelry in the center of Madrid will actively participate in MOMAD. This is a clear example of the importance of this fair in the national scene. And there is great desire to see one another again and discover all the novelties intended for presentation at this event.

Listening to fashion

In its reappearance in public, MOMAD has prepared the Because It Makes Sense to Come Back campaign. Through the five senses, the campaign encourages a journey in order to enjoy the desire of returning to the fashion industry.  In this case, thanks to the ear you can appreciate how fashion sounds: the buzz that exists within the fair, the professionals of the sector chatting and discussing the different styles, listening to the return to in-person attendance...that is, a sensory experience that can be enjoyed at MOMAD from September 17 to 19 in Hall 8 of IFEMA MADRID.

Want to see the campaign? Visit the official website of MOMAD.