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11 January 2023

INDUSTRIES FAC, leader in machinery and systems for the meat industry

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At Industries Fac we offer you our entire range of individual machinery and complete lines for the production of cured ham, designed and studied to carry out totally rational work with minimum effort, maximum performance and great sustainability.

In addition to the innovations constantly being made in our pressing, salting, classifying, etc. lines, our R&D department, aware of the importance of the quality of our products, is constantly working to improve the quality of our products, our R&D department, aware of the difficulty that our customers have to face with respect to high energy and environmental costs, is constantly optimizing the low consumption air desalting and washing line, developed with the aim of achieving greater effectiveness in desalting-washing operations, helping our customers to preserve the environment and contributing to reduce the high economic costs in wastewater treatment, achieving a very significant decrease in volumetric and final conductivity values.
The main advantages of this line are:
- 80% reduction of the salt that is discarded with the washing water.
- Removal of the adhering salt by means of a high pressure dry system.
- Reuse of the salt obtained by the air desalination plant.
- Reduction of the amount of washing water per part
- Drastic reduction in the conductivity of the washing waste water.
- 100% cleaning of the parts with clean water during the whole process
- Significant reduction of the high economic cost of wastewater treatment in wastewater treatment plants or by specialized companies.
The sum of these benefits provides 25% less energy consumption, 25% more efficiency and a fast amortization of the equipment. 

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