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11 January 2023

GO CAVALE collaborative project, improving the foal meat value chain

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Coordinated by ASINCAR, the Go Cavale project seeks to improve the equine meat value chain, specifically quality foal meat, in order to increase its demand and consumption, as well as to develop strategies to improve the productivity and profitability of equine meat farms.

The aim is to enhance the value of foal meat and its benefits by improving knowledge of the nutritional characteristics of the meat and its products.

This task force was created as an initiative to promote the value of a product and a livestock sector that breeds horses specifically for meat production in conditions that are highly respectful of the environment, and which needs to improve and differentiate its production by giving it added value, not only for the quality of the product (colt meat and its derivatives), but also for aspects such as sustainability, rural development and the maintenance of native breeds.

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