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09 February 2023

ELFOS GOURMET transforms your traditional product into a delicatessen product.

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Elfos Gourmet presents at Meat Attraction its natural preparations handmade with top quality truffles and mushrooms of the best category.

Oil and tailor-made preparations of truffles and mushrooms are used to give a different flavour to traditional products, turning them into delicatessen products in the most natural way.

Our natural preparations can be used in the preparation of numerous products, such as cheese, sausage, chorizo, pork loin, honey, hamburgers, sausages, croquettes, ice cream, sweets, chocolate, creams, sauces and condiments, bacon, black pudding, meatballs, cannelloni, ravioli, sliced bread, hamburger bread, biscuits, liqueurs, gin, dough, etc.

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