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28 February 2023

CECINA DE LEÓN PGI is presented at Meat Attraction

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Being present at Meat Attraction is a boost for the Cecina de León sector, by participating in a fair linked exclusively to the meat sector, which will consolidate our presence in the markets that already absorb our product and will allow us to present it in others that are still unexplored today.

Cecina de León PGI is available in two types, Cecina de León PGI (cured for a minimum of 7 months) and Cecina de León RESERVA (cured for more than 12 months), and in four types of pieces extracted from the hindquarters of large cattle (tapa, contra, babilla and hip), all in different formats, whole pieces, chunks and slices, adapting these formats to each type of consumer.

The exceptional nature, originality and quality of this exclusive product in its production in the province of León (Spain), with a great gastronomic and economic projection that is gradually crossing borders, with great appreciation by an increasingly demanding consumer, who appreciates the good work of traditional producers.

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