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28 February 2023

ANAFRIC will present the results of the survey to achieve the VAT reduction on meat.

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In the run-up to Meat Attraction, Anafric announces the activation of a plural initiative of the meat sector aimed at the population in order to make effective the request for the reduction of VAT on meat and alleviate the cost of the shopping basket for citizens while the current pressure on the cost of living continues.

Anafric is already in contact with the Government to urge it to implement a reduction from the current 10% VAT to 4% applicable to all fresh meat and processed meat products, as was done in the case of other foods that citizens consider basic to their diet.

Anafric considers that it is defending the interests of the industry and citizens and for this reason it is launching a national survey open to all citizens in which it is now possible to participate: ANAFRIC Survey

The survey takes half a minute to complete and consists of two questions: the first concerns the regularity of meat food consumption and the other the degree of agreement that each Anafric gives to the implementation of a VAT reduction measure.

Anafric will present the results of this survey at Meat Attraction (7th March, 1.30 p.m., at the conference "Comuni-Carne": keys to effective communication in the meat sector) and will also pass them on to the Government as it believes that it should be directly involved in defending the viability of the sector and because it directly affects the pockets of millions of Spaniards without it having been duly taken into account so far.

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