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The 2nd Skin Co.

The 2nd Skin Co. is a fashion design brand created by Antonio Burillo and Juan Carlos Fernández, both of whom have long careers in the textile sector. United by their aesthetics and passion, they launched this company in 2006 and received extensive coverage from the press, which anticipated their discreet appearance with high expectations.

The 2nd Skin Co. has two fundamental lines, differentiated by price, quality, tailoring and vocation. Its prêt-à-porter range is sold in a select network of multi-brand stores, where it is the perfect fit with an urban style that is restrained, feminine and elegant, featuring tailored details appreciated by women of all ages who enjoy well-made items and care deeply about their image. The Atelier collection, in turn, is a made-to-order line of exclusive, handmade garments. This couture service, intended for those who want unique apparel with a personalised design and exquisite materials, ranges from bridal gowns and formal wear, to evening gowns, and any other alternative requiring a meticulous and exclusive pattern and design.

The 2nd Skin Co. universe offers a contemporary version of versatile luxury, suitable for a broad range of women with different tastes and lifestyles. The sophisticated simplicity of the designs and meticulous tailoring reflect refined taste, professionalism and the dedication of the staff at The 2nd Skin Co.

The 2nd Skin Co. Show - #MBFWIbiza 2019

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