Javier Guijarro
Spring/Summer 24

Javier Guijarro

Javier Guijarro at MBFWMadrid

About Javier Guijarro

Javier Guijarro (23), is a designer based in Barcelona who has just landed in the national fashion scene. Graduated at the end of 2022, he presented himself as a designer with a final collection that has raised interest around his work and has opened him the doors to collaborate on projects with artists such as Karol G, BadGyal or Rauw Alejandro. Now, he plans to debut as a brand on the Allianz EGO runway.

Collection lines

Debut(i), Javier Guijarro's first collection, is a proposal that explores the identity codes of a brand that is gradually being built. As he did before, the designer revisits different ideas and styles from the classic masculine look to give them a new twist and bring them closer to an attitude much more in line with his generation. He highlights the work with typical fabrics, elements and garments that have always belonged to the male closet, now focused on new silhouettes and environments. What was serious is no longer so serious and the classic has a new meaning for the new generations.

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