Georgiela Studio
Spring/Summer 24


Georgiela Studio at MBFWM

About Georgiela Studio

Just graduated from Felicidad Duce Fashion School in Barcelona, Georgina was contacted by Nicola Formichetti to use one of her designs for Lady Gaga’s new music video “Born this way” 2011.

Shortly after, she designed the cover of DJ Hell album “Gigolo Music ltd 13” 2012 then Georgina moved to Paris as an assistant designer for futuristic fashion house Steffie Christiaens.

After her parisian fashion romance, she moved to London and in 2015 she returned to her hometown. She ́s started to collaborate with an international womenswear brand getting inspiration from her trips to Los Angeles, Shanghai and the trendiest spots in Seoul.

After many years working for commercial brands, Georgina takes a turn for exclusivity and unique design.

Collection lines

Georgiela studio is an independent brand from Barcelona founded in 2019 by Georgina José

Retro-futuristic, avant- garde and timeless designs, relying on the reuse of fabrics through its creations with the goal of inclusivity and sustainability.

Georgiela studio is always based on a balance between textures created from gathers, femininity as well as the mixture of handwork and modern silhouettes. Contrasts of fluid fabrics such as lingerie and tulle mixed with exaggerated volumes and rigid structures

Georgiela makes its own the coexistence of antagonistic trends making unique and unrepeatable pieces. Craftsmanship and sustainability are another important point of the collection.

Dear g collection has a sporty touch, bringing luxury and feminine fashion to comfort and streetwear using neutral, white colors with the touch of the silver logo.

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