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Der Berliner Salon

DER BERLINER SALON bundles German design talents in order to sustainably promote national and international awareness of design from Germany and to establish a new, sophisticated and at the same time self-confident understanding of German fashion. The appearance of 35 German designers illustrates the relevance of fashion as a cultural and economic asset. Each season, the collections of the selected German fashion talents are presented in the context of the curated group exhibition in Berlin.

Designers of MBFW Berlin Sept.2021

Anna Auras, Aeyde, Alexander von Bronewski, Antonia Zander, Bergauer Handschuhe, Dawid Tomaszewski, Diehm Bespoke, Esther Perbandt, Golpira, Hannibal, Horizn Studios, Horror Vacui, Isabel Vollrath, Julia Leifert, Karen Jessen, Konrad, Lala Berlin, Lara Krude, Lutz Morris, LML studio, Mykita, Odeeh, Oftt, PB 0110, René Storck, Rianna + Nina, Société Angelique, Sminfinity, Stiebich & Rieth, Studio 163, Vickermann & Stoya, Vladimir Karaleev, WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN, William Fan and Working Title Studios.

Collection lines


This season, special attention will be paid to the themes of circularity and transparency. In addition, the salon will also focus on craftsmanship and hand manufacturing.

The idea of craftsmanship has always played a significant role with regard to the participating designers. This year, alongside a selection of established and up-and-coming German brands, four special craft producers will also be showing their work: leather glove hand manufacturer Bergauer, leather hand manufacturer Alexander von Bronewski, shoe hand manufacturer Vickermann & Stoya and the collective WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN, which is focused on the production of jewelry.

“We see it as our responsibility to support designers in Germany who have made it their mission to take a holistic approach to producing and operating as responsibly as possible. Der Berliner Salon offers a stage for the contemporary, future-focused design and craftsmanship created by these designers,” says Christiane Arp, who founded Der Berliner Salon alongside Marcus Kurz, managing director of NOWADAYS.

Der Berliner Salon in MBFWM

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