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About Aitorgoikoetxea

At 22 years old and Basque as hell, AITORGOIKOETXEA is a brand with a lot of personality, highlighting its aesthetic sensibility full of creativity, savoir faire and technique. IED Barcelona student, he won the ITS Responsible Creativity Award powered by Allianz, for his end-of-study collection “Aitarekin Afaltzen” in 2021. 

As a result of this collection, he began to shape this project and started selling knitwear internationally. His aesthetic, full of nostalgia and always inspired by some aspect of the designer's origins, fills the designs made by Aitor with colors and textures. The artisan aspects are also a fundamental point in the process of their creations, using embroidery, knitting and manual flocking that give a unique value to each garment. 

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Drawing inspiration from traditional costumes that are often worn with a sense of "ritual" and playing on the barrier between man and beast. Aitor found that the origin of all these traditions was fear. Tradition is always presented as something solid and immovable, strong and fixed; but realizing the fragility that resides in its origin and, therefore, how vulnerable it is at the same time, is what inspired him to create this collection. Personally, he has always seen young people reject these types of traditions. But today's generation is more tolerant to the fragility that resides in all of us. That’s why he wants it to serve for empathizing with what we share with tradition, which would be "fear" and to reconcile with it. 

He has raised 18 looks for men in this collection. Although it is presented with male models, many garments are unisex. The materials used in this collection are the main commitment to sustainability for these garments, they are mostly discontinued vintage fabrics from the 60s and 70s. Knitwear is also an important part of the collection, working manually with more thick threads, digitally for more delicate and semi-transparent knitwear, and with mohair blankets woven by hand and with manual tie dye. For Aitor, the materials in the collection are everything, the patterns, textures and colors create a universe full of nostalgia and tradition that speak to us about the vulnerability of tradition by itself. In addition to this, he is working with various artisans to create some of the accessories for his collection. 

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