Adrià Egea

Adriá Egea

Adrià Egea at MBFWMadrid

About Adrià Egea

Adrià Egea is an emergent designer born in Badalona (October 1997) that made his fashion design studies in Barcelona. 

The admiration that Adrià has with fashion born in the afternoons at his grandma Micaela’s house. While she made her own clothes and transformed garments to come back to life. That’s how she’s present in all his designs even unconsciously.  

Adrià defines himself as a conceptual artist. The creative process is the most important part according to his point of view; where the concept and all his ideas develops to a collection.

Collection lines

"Error Series 3.0" emerges as the natural evolution of its predecessor, "Error Series 2.0." In these collections, I depict my current state, the emotions that overwhelm me, and the visions I perceive. I immerse myself in a world tinged with doubt and darkness, where we are all trapped in a dizzying routine that seems impossible to escape. We run through the streets chasing time, always on the edge, caught in the whirlwind of a relentless capitalism to which we all belong.

In this collection, the color palette delves into the entirety of black. Black symbolizes uncertainty, the doubt that envelops the existence of contemporary man. 

The routine, repetition, and time are reflected in broad and uniform silhouettes, with clean cuts that suggest the feeling of heaviness in the garments, like the fatigue that overwhelms us at the end of the day.

"Error Series 3.0" is the manifestation of the evolution of my own being, a poetic exploration of the state in which I find myself.

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