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MATELEC had been held within the framework of ePower & Building ( Contrutec, Veteco, Bimexpo, Archistone, Matelec)  with excellent results and a record of almost  90,000 professional visitors, 24% more than in the last edition in 2016, far exceeding expectations. 15% of the visitors were international, mainly from the European Union, North Africa and Latin America,  (especially  Colombia and Morocco).

The event has made Madrid the world capital of sustainability, innovation and technology, where more than 1,600 companies have exhibited their latest solutions for the entire building cycle, an increase of 25% on the previous edition.

The contest occupied eight halls at Feria de Madrid and was held on the basis of the concepts of sustainability, innovation and technology for building. The inclusion, for the second consecutive edition, of all sectors and areas related to the entire building process in one event has been a great success, multiplying synergies and business opportunities.

MATELEC  2018 had included new manufacturers and distribution companies, its themed section MATELEC LIGHTING took centre stage as one of the main showcases for the lighting sector with its own programme of professional days and exclusive invitations. Likewise, the two halls of MATELEC INDUSTRY strengthened their position as an ideal commercial platform for all those in the sector looking to reach the mass market with their solutions and technology proposals related to the ideas of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory.

Exhibitor Testimonials

Michael Sartor, Technical Secretary of the Association KNX Spain said that "the influx of visitors to our KNX Area, with 14 exhibition stands, has been very positive. And not only in terms of the number of visitors, but, above all, in terms of professional quality. Virtually all exhibitors in our area have reported a greater number of contacts than in previous editions. We are sure that we will be back in 2020."

"At Beneito Faure we really value our participation in MATELEC LIGHTING. Although we did not take part in any concrete meetings at the fair, we made several contacts that are now potential customers and we are sure that they will give us good results. We also want to highlight the good organisation at the fair, the location of the stand and the type of public that came, since it allowed us to find the contacts we were looking for. We took the opportunity to raffle one of our flagship products this year, CONVERSE LIGHTING, and we are very pleased with the results we obtained.”

Carlos Revilla, Marketing Manager of ADC Ingeniería: "ADC’s participation in MATELEC was quite satisfactory thanks to the different actions planned at our stand with the goal of getting visitors’ attention in order to identify their needs and offer them a personalised solution. This edition has been the one that has had the greatest impact commercially and in terms of brand recognition compared to previous years. Likewise, the number of contacts achieved and the number of face-to-face meetings in our space have increased significantly, generating more than 70 business opportunities. In conclusion, and following a post-analysis of our participation, we can say that the electricity and telecommunications sector is continuing to grow".

Alberto Casado, Marketing Director of LEDVANCE Iberia: "For LEDVANCE, it has been a real pleasure to once again participate in MATELEC Lighting and make our contribution to promoting the development of the lighting industry. The 2016 edition was the official presentation of LEDVANCE in Spain, and this year's event gave us the opportunity to present one of the largest LED solutions portfolios in the market to the more than 2,000 people who visited our stand. Undoubtedly, this latest edition of MATELEC has far exceeded our expectations, and we have collected some incomparable data. Furthermore, the broad agenda of meetings and professional conferences that characterised this edition, in which we collaborated very actively with different institutions, has allowed us to further strengthen ties with all actors in the value chain, consolidating us as one of the leading suppliers in the sector".

Cristina Melús, Marketing and Communication manager at MMCONECTA: "For MMCONECTA, MATELEC is always a success. It is the hub of distributors, opinion leaders, installers and users of our products and solutions, who come not only to discover new products but to greet us and congratulate us for each small milestone that we achieve. MATELEC allows us to concentrate all the links of the distribution chain in the same space, and this is a key factor for us as it makes it easier to take the industry's pulse. MATELEC has facilitated even more important meetings on-site and continues to give us the opportunity to present young professionals to the MMCONECTA brand, an opportunity that we make the most of by collaborating with and sponsoring the National Young Installers Contest held there."

Abraham Seco, technical director of MIÑO ILUMINACIÓN: "Although it is early to talk about concrete results, we are more than satisfied with our participation in the fair, since numerous visits and meetings have occurred, both with existing customers and potential customers, and presentations of our products were made."

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