What is Matelec?

What is MATELEC?

MATELEC 2020 will comprise 3 areas: MATELEC, LIGHTING and INDUSTRY.

MATELEC is the reference fair for the electrical, electronic and telecommunications industry. Being under the umbrella of ePower&Building enhances its drawing power and makes it the most important event in southern Europe for the construction materials, techniques and systems industry for the building industry.

It is essential that production environments adapt to the new transformation resulting from digital industry 4.0 by innovating in energy and automation, efficiency and sustainability. MATELEC is a large commercial platform that serves as a lever in the acceleration and revitalisation of the market, both domestically and in the export sector.

Under the motto “ Inspiration and Business - Building the future”, the main themes will revolve around sustainability, innovation and technology. ePower&Building is a commercial platform and sectoral and international meeting point, which will bring together over 1,600 exhibiting companies and almost 90,000 professional participants (88,146), from 100 countries.

Profile of the professional visitor


  • Installers
  • Integrators
  • Electric companies
  • Engineering
  • Dealers
  • Maintenance
  • Importers
  • Architects
  • Lighting Designers


  • Automotive
  • Aeronautical
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Pharmacist
  • Energetic
  • Packaging / Logistics
  • Building
  • Metal Industry
  • Other Industrial Processes


  • Hotels
  • Residential
  • Retail / Commerce
  • Public Buildings

Why visit?

  • MATELEC is the go-to fair for the electrical, electronics and telecommunications industry. Under the umbrella of ePower&Building, it enhances its capacity to attract visitors and becomes the most important event in Southern Europe for construction materials, techniques and systems for the building industry.
  • With the motto "Transforming the way we build a Green World", the central themes will be sustainability, innovation and technology, placing value on buildings throughout their entire life cycle.
  • 4 days of intense B2BMatelec business relationships with the Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications Industry.
  • Obtain all the information on the specialised commercial offering in the Spanish and international markets, under one roof and concentrated over 4 working days.
  • Start, continue or close purchase and order processes with the entire distribution channel present at MATELEC.
  • Build a work network: Register at the Professional Meeting Point and use our Meeting Agenda service with all the exhibitors at the fair.
  • Schedule meetings with current and potential suppliers.
  • Visit and strengthen business relationships with current suppliers.
  • Analyse and directly verify the characteristics of the products and services offered by possible new suppliers.
  • Directly compare the characteristics of all specialist offerings 
  • Ideal place to check sector and consumer trends.
  • Search and learn about new features, technologies and services.
  • Opportunity to attend congresses, seminars and parallel events, which are an indisputable source of information on trends and developments in the sector.
  • MATELEC is a key instrument for your company when it comes to projecting a certain image of purchasing power.
  • Close product/service distribution agreements.
  • Obtain the information needed to evaluate the possibilities of participating as an exhibitor in the future.
  • Enjoy the City of Madrid and its Region
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