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02 February 2024

InterSICOP 2024 shows the latest trends in bakery, pastry-making and chocolate

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From February 17 to 20, 2024, at the IFEMA Trade Fair Center MADRID

Vegan and natural products, local ingredients and technology will be the consumer trends to watch, according to the Puratos 'Taste Tomorrow’ report.

The fourteenth edition of the International Bakery, Patisserie, Ice Cream and Coffee Show, InterSICOP 2024, organised by IFEMA MADRID from 17 to 20 February, will reflect the new consumer habits observed in the pastry-making, bakery and chocolate sectors. According to the Puratos report ‘Taste Tomorrow’, these habits include the consumption of vegan and natural products, local ingredients, as well as the use of technology.

According to the study, consumption has recently shifted towards a more natural diet, based on more sustainable, locally sourced and transparent products.

In bakery, vegetable products are gaining in importance. According to the study, 56 percent of consumers worldwide opt for plant-based baked goods. The increase has been particularly noticeable in the Middle East and Africa (74%); South America (70%); and many Asia Pacific countries (68%).  Furthermore, 52% of the more than 20,000 respondents believe that these plant-based alternatives are just as good tasting as animal-based products.

Another consumer concern that determines consumer choice is gut health, with 75 percent interested in products that aid digestion. In fact, when it comes to baked goods, 85% are convinced that fibre is good for digestion and wholemeal bread is one of the best-known sources of fibre. This interest in gut health is directly related to the high acceptance of sourdough, with 62% believing that products made with sourdough are healthier.

Another aspect particularly esteemed by consumers is that the bakery product is fresh, without artificial additives and unprocessed. It is so highly regarded that 28% of users say they are willing to pay more for this type of product.

Tech Inspired Bakery

On the pastry side, the Tech Inspired movement is gaining ground. It is about trying to satisfy consumers' desire for unique dining experiences through technology. Faced with the ease of online shopping, traditional retailers will have to provide this type of unforgettable experience if they want to be competitive.

And yet, although consumers are increasingly seduced by innovation and trying new foods, it is true that they still opt for products with a familiar look and feel, with a surprising shape, but offering a familiar taste and texture.

There is also a growing realisation that ingredients from far away do not necessarily have to be more exclusive. In fact, according to the report, 39% of consumers buy locally produced food on a weekly basis. And two out of three people also want to know the origin of these foods.


Healthy and sustainable chocolate

And in terms of chocolate trends, those who want to concentrate more, increase their energy levels or improve their mood are increasingly opting for chocolate with botanical ingredients such as flowers, leaves, roots, seeds or plant stems, valued for their medicinal, aromatic or culinary properties. The reality is that 68% believe that these ingredients increase the healthy aspect of chocolate.

There is also significant growth in the appreciation of sustainable agriculture, with 65% of consumers looking for food for which farmers will receive a fair price, and 68% showing interest in products that come from sustainable farming methods.

Finally, choosing vegan food gives consumers a sense of pride because it demonstrates their social conscience. Thanks to today's technologies, plant-based chocolate solutions are available on the market to enable professionals to produce vegan creations with maximum taste and texture.

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