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17 January 2024

Global trends in pastry, bread and chocolate in 2024

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According to Puratos' Taste Tomorrow report, vegan and natural products, local ingredients and technology are trends that are set to take hold globally.

In recent years, food trends have shifted towards a diet with more sustainable and natural products sourced from transparent and local farming methods. This is one of the main conclusions drawn from Puratos' Taste Tomorrow study, based on a survey of 20,000 consumers together with data from the latest analysis developed by IA Trend Radar.

We share below the main global trends that will prevail in 2024 in patisserie, bread and chocolate.

Trends in bakery

Plant origin

According to the study, 56% of consumers worldwide are interested in plant-based options for bakery products. This demand is particularly strong in the Middle East and Africa (74%), South America (70%) and many countries in the Asia-Pacific region (68%). In addition, 52% believe that these plant-based alternatives are just as good tasting as animal-based products.

Gut health

Another trending topic is gut health. 75% of consumers are interested in products that improve digestion. How does this affect the bakery? Very positively because 85% are convinced that fibre is good for digestion and wholemeal bread is one of the best known sources of fibre.

This interest in gut health is directly related to the popularity of sourdough, as 62% perceive products made with sourdough as healthy.

No additives

For what benefits are consumers willing to pay more? Firstly, freshness. And secondly, naturalness, i.e. bakery products without artificial additives and unprocessed. So much so that 28% of users would be willing to pay more for such products.

Trends in pastry

Unique experiences

The 'Tech Inspired' movement is one of the driving forces shaping patisserie in 2024. What is it about? Satisfying consumers' desire for unique and memorable dining experiences through technology. This trend will become more pressing as consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping, which will drive traditional establishments to enhance their offerings to provide unforgettable experiences.

Reinventing the classics

Although consumers like to try new foods, they are looking for products with a familiar look and feel, which may have a surprising shape, but offer a familiar taste and texture. All indications are that people trust reinvented classics more.


No more thinking that ingredients from far away are more exclusive and unique. Taste Tomorrow reports that 39% of consumers buy locally produced food on a weekly basis. And two out of three people also want to know the origin of these foods.

Trends in chocolate

Botanical ingredients

People who want to concentrate more, have more energy or improve their mood are increasingly opting for chocolate with botanical ingredients such as flowers, leaves, roots, seeds or plant stems, which are valued for their medicinal, aromatic or culinary properties. And 68% think that these ingredients increase the healthiness of chocolate.

Sustainable agriculture

65% of consumers now look for food for which farmers will receive a fair price or a decent income. In addition, 68% are interested in products that come from sustainable farming methods.

Plant based

Finally, choosing vegan foods gives consumers a sense of pride because it shows their social conscience. Thanks to today's technologies, plant-based chocolate solutions are available on the market to enable professionals to produce vegan creations with maximum taste and texture.