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The technical conferences at GENERA 2019 focus on Energy Transition and Self-consumption

On the middle day of the fair the program is dedicated exclusively to the Conference organised by IDAE “Energy Transition between all of us: Self-consumption as the key to change”

The program is completed by other views of the Energy Transition from different perspectives, in addition to several conferences that focus on self-sufficiency, and within the framework of development and opportunities for the various renewable energies.

Organised by IFEMA, GENERA will be held in hall 8 at Feria de Madrid, from 26 February to 1 March 2019

Energy Transition and Self-consumption are the focus of the Technical Conferences program at GENERA 2019, Energy and Environment International Trade Fair, organised by IFEMA from 26 February to 1 March 2019, which alongside the commercial exhibition will offer professionals an area for information and analysis on the most important industry news, provided by the main organisations and associations and representatives of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

12 Feb 2019

The program will begin on Tuesday 26 February with the session on “Cogeneration: Technology for energy transition” organised by COGEN (Spanish Association for the promotion of Cogeneration) and ACOGEN (Spanish Association for Cogeneration); where “Self-consumption success stories: the new reality of the Photovoltaic sector” will be presented during the UNEF (Spanish Photovoltaic Union) conference, and “Energy Efficiency within the National Comprehensive Energy and Climate Plan” will be discussed during the a3E (Association of Energy Efficiency Companies) session.  GENERA will also host, that same day, the 11th Congress on Thermal Solar Energy: “The new CTE, towards Almost-Zero Consumption buildings. Heating networks with Solar Thermal Energy”, organised by ASIT-SOLPLAT (Solar Thermal Industry Association).

The middle day at GENERA, Wednesday 27 February, will be exclusively dedicated to the conference organised by the IDAE (Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy) on “Energy Transition between all of us: Self-consumption as the key to change”

The sessions on Thursday 28 February will focus on the “Technological challenges (R D) within the new legislative and self-consumption panorama”, during the conference organised by  UNEF -  FOTOPLAT (Spanish Photovoltaic Technological Platform); “The role of hydrogen in the energy transition”, by AeH2 (Spanish Association for Hydrogen); and the “Energy services and efficient technologies to enable the Energy Transition”, during the session by ANESE (Association of Energy Services Companies), which will also present the “Enerinvest Platform: Finding the financial partner for your sustainable projects”.

The “Policies and action by the Public Administrations in contracting energy services”, will be discussed by AMI (Association of Comprehensive Maintenance Companies), and regarding regulations, AFEC (Association of HVAC Equipment Manufacturers), organises the conference “Ambient Energy and other relevant aspects of HVAC equipment within the scope of the New Directive regarding promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources. Applications with Heat Pump and Combined Systems”

As for the opportunities for the various renewable energies, APPA organises on Thursday several conferences on “Geothrmal energy in cities”; “Marine Renewable Energies and the European Energy and Climate Target”, and “Biomass Progress in Spain”. APPA will also dedicate a session to “Self-consumption, storage and electrical vehicles”
On the last day of GENERA, Friday, 1 March, there will be a presentation on “Financing photovoltaic projects” during the session organised by UNEF, and on “Climate change and energy transition: The National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan” during the OECC (Spanish Office on Climate Change) conference.  Other renewable sources will also be discussed, such as wind, during the conference that is jointly organised by APPA and AEE (Wind Power Businesses Association); there will be conferences on solar thermal and energy efficiency in cities, by CIEMAT (Centre for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research), and a “Latin American Round Table on the 2025 horizon for renewable energies. Key countries in the Latin American Development: Renewable Energies 2025”, organised by the Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Spain for Industry, Transportation and Energy.