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Why exhibit?

Why exhibit?

GENERA, what your business needs

Strengthen the personal relationship with your clients

Personal relationships are essential in business. GENERA will allow you to make face-to-face contract with a huge number of clients in a short period of time.

Take the pulse of the market

It is essential to observe the market closely. At GENERA, examine how your products are received and the activity of your competitors in the world of suppliers of public and private security.

Get out and find opportunities

You have to be where the opportunities are. At GENERA, identify potential suppliers and partners, detect future business.

Consolidate your brand image

Brand image is a primary business value. At GENERA show the best of your company, communicate its identity and ability in your own way. Create your brand.

Situate your company and its products in an area of high sectoral visibility

GENERATE is a privileged showcase in the public and private security sector. It is the ideal place to make yourself known, introduce yourself as part of a sector, and get into the loop.

Show your products live

To convince, many products require a direct sample. At GENERA, your customers will be able to see, touch and appreciate to the maximum.

10.848 Visitors
105 Brands
40 Countries
103 Meetings