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02 February 2024

The GENERA 2024 Innovation Gallery showcases 33 state-of-the-art energy solutions.

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Genera, the International Energy and Environment Fair, will take place from 6 to 8 February at IFEMA MADRID with the support of IDAE, the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving.

This initiative aims to showcase the most outstanding technological advances in the energy sector, creating a unique platform with cutting-edge solutions that will drive the energy transformation. The designated location is space 9PLZ01.

GENERA presents the Innovation Gallery once again. This space will bring together 33 technological innovation projects carried out by exhibiting companies and public and private organisations that contribute to improving the world of energy and society in general.

The Innovation Gallery is situated in the heart of the connection between pavilion 7 and 9, in space 9PLZ01. It showcases advances and research in renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, transformation, and development. The gallery brings together leading companies, start-ups, organisations, and associations to promote R&D&I.

The participating projects were selected by a high-level committee comprising of prestigious professionals from COGEN, OECC, AEE, CIDE, APPA, ASIT, ANESE, CIEMAT, and ATECYR. The committee focused on the innovation factor, energy efficiency, applicability, and strategic factor.

The projects featured in the Innovation Gallery are:

Acoplan PMC - ACOFILE Document Manager :

The First Document Manager was developed by planners in the renewables sector. It integrates the storage and management of all project documentation with the modelling of client approval processes. It also automatically generates progress updates, progress curves, and updates engineering deliverables lists.

BeePlanet Factory - Sustainable storage for charging points:

The project aims to solve the issue of insufficient power in charging infrastructures by implementing a battery storage solution. BeePlanet uses its proprietary technology to repurpose automotive modules and construct modular stationary storage units. The solution is modular, sustainable, and easily scalable. The architecture prioritises the provision of charging points and other energy consumption facilities, while maximising the integration of renewable energy sources. BeePlanet uses a patented system to efficiently select modules, reducing time and improving reliability. The Battery Management System (BMS) adjusts to various battery chemistries and conditions, enhancing efficiency and longevity.

Bluesolar Filters - Bluesolar:

The technology combines photovoltaic and solar thermal energy by integrating a smart solar radiation filter into the glass of a photovoltaic panel. It behaves as a transparent material in the visible wavelengths, where photovoltaics are highly efficient, but acts as a mirror in the wavelengths where photovoltaics are not efficient, specifically in the blue and infrared range. The energy reflected by the photovoltaic panel is collected in a thermal receiver located in a central tower. The generated heat can be used for decarbonising industrial processes or for thermoelectric applications by integrating steam turbines.

Cameto - Cameto Steep Slopes:

There is a lack of specific solutions for installing photovoltaic structures on steep slopes. Common structures have been installed, but they may not be suitable for challenging site conditions. The primary goal of this project is to explore the potential of hybridisation, as outlined in RD-Law 23/2020: "Holders of access permits for electricity generation facilities that incorporate renewable energy sources or storage facilities may use the same connection point and access capacity already granted, as long as the new facility meets the applicable technical requirements". The primary challenge is to address the construction of structures with more than two frames and two-post frames. In the exhibition, the causes of the issue will be presented, and potential solutions will be proposed.

Chemitek - Scientific report demonstrates a real 3% increase in cumulative energy production with innovative anti-solar coatings:

ChemiTek Solar and the Green Energy Park in Benguerir, Morocco, have successfully completed testing of their anti-dirt coatings, resulting in a 3% increase in cumulative energy production. The article titled 'Performance analysis of innovative cleaning and soil mitigation solutions in the semi-arid climate of Benguerir, Morocco' was featured in Heliyon. The study assessed antistatic and hydrophobic coatings for solar panels in semi-arid environments. After a period of nine months, the coated panels demonstrated an average performance increase of 10% during the cleaned period and 5% during the unclean period. The coatings demonstrated a remarkable durability, as evidenced by the 3% cumulative energy gain.

CIEMAT - Hystore:

HYSTORE aims to prove the viability of using hydrogen-bearing organic liquids in zero-CO2 electrochemical devices. These liquids can be used for energy production through their dehydrogenation and for hydrogen storage during their reversible operation. Recent decades have seen remarkable advances in proton exchange membrane (PEM) cell technology. However, challenges persist, particularly with regards to fuel storage and transportation in applications where power systems have weight and volume restrictions. To compete with alternatives, it is crucial to increase the power density of the systems and reduce their manufacturing costs.

Circutor - PVM solar canopy for self-consumption with integrated charging point:

The photovoltaic canopies include an integrated charging point within their structure. This solution simplifies the charging process in the work environment. The optimal solution for addressing the charging requirements of extensive electric vehicle fleets is to integrate photovoltaic canopies into the parking area and incorporate charging capabilities into the structure. This approach not only optimises the parking area but also enables the provision of services to numerous electric vehicles.

CSL Comunications Iberia - Clean Energy and Solid Connectivity: Community Photovoltaic Installation with CSL SIM and CSL Router:

The aim of this project was to enhance the sustainability and energy efficiency of a housing estate in Dénia. This was achieved by installing photovoltaic solar panels on the community roof. The aim was to decrease the shared bill, particularly because of the excessive usage of the pool's water treatment facility. However, it was identified that success depended crucially on efficient remote management and precise optimisation of energy consumption. The solution implemented includes the CSL Router with dual SIM Roaming, which ensures stable connectivity by automatically activating the second SIM in case of signal loss. This measure proactively eliminated interruptions in remote management and optimised consumption, strengthening the reliability of the PV installation.

Eficia Smart Building - Balancing energy savings and thermal comfort: key to Decathlon's sustainable success with the support of Eficia:

The world's first fully integrated smart building solution for controlling energy consumption in commercial buildings. The solution optimises the operation of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) and lighting equipment in real-time using intelligent algorithms. Our team of energy engineers is available 24/7 to ensure continuous support. An offer that combines both technology and human expertise to achieve the energy efficiency objectives of each customer. It manages the complete value chain required to implement the control system. It also manages operations, from physically installing connected objects to programming the system by its teams.

Energy Pool - Optimisation of Self-consumption, Energy Management in Energy Markets and Flexibility: A case study of integrated PMS and EMS in a Dutch industrial prosumer:

Energy Pool's software provides flexible market monetisation features with advanced forecasts based on data from multiple sources, including weather forecasts for expected solar production, market forecasts, and information on the availability of on-site stored energy. This enables industrial prosumers to make better-informed energy purchasing decisions every day, despite the complex arbitrage required. The result is an increase in self-consumption and optimisation of tendering and energy procurement. Energy Pool's software integrates local energy management, energy optimisation, market optimisation and flexibility market monetisation seamlessly. The solution helps Mopabloem reduce its energy costs and positions the company as a prosumer contributing to grid stability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In the future, industrial prosumers like Mopabloem who want to offer their distributed flexibility resources to transmission system operators through incentive schemes could increase their revenues.

IMDEA Energía and ODQA Spain - Decarbonisation of industrial processes by concentrated solar power:

Odqa has developed an innovative solar thermal technology for decarbonising high-temperature industrial processes. The Converger is an air-based solar receiver that can efficiently generate heat up to 1,200°C. It is integrated with Thermal Energy Storage (TES) to increase thermodynamic efficiency. The IMDEA Energía Institute is providing its facilities, including heliostats, a tower, and a control centre, for the Horizon Europe Solar Hybrid Air-sCO​2 Power Plants project, SHARP-sCO2. The institute is also responsible for designing and dynamically modelling the concentrated solar field where the 'receiver' will be tested.

INGEUS - Platform for Green Jobs:

The Green Employment Platform is a collaborative space for multiple stakeholders, designed to connect new jobs created by the Ecological Transition with people in vulnerable situations. The platform aims to qualify around 900 individuals in vulnerable situations for employment. It aims to use green transition initiatives and projects that will be developed in the coming years to facilitate the integration of unemployed individuals into new green jobs.

ISEMAREN - FlexGenera:

Identify and mitigate financial and operational risks in your projects and hybridisations comprehensively. It ensures compliance with the network code, avoids design and modelling errors, and maximises the economics of each project. From assessing connection capacity to considering hybrid technologies, the successful continuous operation of the wind farm is guaranteed. Models such as digital twin and hardware in the loop are used and action plans in case of non-compliance are proposed, thus mitigating penalties.

K Electric Provider Products - Kbox:

The KBOX is notable for its ability to maximise profitability by efficiently using surplus solar energy. It is also highly versatile, capable of adapting to both residential and industrial environments. However, the uniqueness of this solution lies in its universal compatibility, enabling integration with inverters of various brands. By analysing real-time solar energy production, the system dynamically adjusts consumption in various systems, including air conditioning, gas and oil boilers, aerothermal energy, charging points for electric vehicles, and industrial processes. It prioritises consumption when there is a surplus of solar energy. The K-BOX is an innovative and versatile solution that optimises energy consumption in various applications, contributing to efficiency and sustainability. Its ECO function has proven to achieve up to 30% savings in aerothermal consumption, consolidating its position as a key figure in the transition to a more sustainable future.

Linc-Evolution - Solar greenhouse with ecological cultivation:

The project involves a 4-metre-tall structure that accommodates crops underneath. This design ensures that different crops can grow without any issues and is practical for the farmer. The structure is covered with modules positioned strategically to ensure that every part of the plantation receives direct sunlight at some point during the day. Additionally, the chosen modules are bifacial and translucent, tailored to the crop's requirements to promote optimal growth while fulfilling the farmer's energy needs for local consumption, electric mobility, and even nearby consumers. This results in reduced water usage and less reliance on pest control products due to the protective mesh.

Linc-Evolution - Ultra-fast 8-tap electric car battery station with accumulation and intelligent management:

The project comprises of photovoltaic canopies that can be installed on the ground or roof, depending on the location. It also includes 8 ultra-fast charging points that can be extended in groups of 2 units, delivering up to 120kWh of energy per charging point (extendable with a cooling system for the charging hoses). Additionally, it features battery storage of 100kWh to 3MWh in a container format, which can also serve as a rest area in locations where such a service is not available for the user.

Lone Lighthouse - Installation of Sunstyle® solar shingles:

The Sunsyle® solar roof tile is a product that is part of solar architecture or BIPV. This involves integrating photovoltaic modules into the building envelope. BIPV systems serve as both a building envelope material and an energy generator. They offer savings in building materials and electricity costs, while also adding architectural interest to the building. The solar shingles contain crystalline photovoltaic cells that are embedded in a layer of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) that is both flexible and stable. These are covered by a layer of tempered solar glass, which protects the crystalline cell and makes the roof strong, and a tough plastic film or glass on the back. The durability of the tiles allows them to be walked on during installation, making them easy to install. Furthermore, we provide pre-assembled ceilings to eliminate the need for on-site measuring, cutting, or drilling by the installer.

Lone Lighthouse - Nomad Energy Box:

This mobile solution allows production of photovoltaic energy using Plug&Play technology, without the need for building work or complex permit procedures. It is adaptable to any environment. The design of the installation allows for quick folding in case of adverse weather conditions such as storms, hail, or strong winds that could cause damage. This protects the installation inside the sea container. The sea container is Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) certified, ensuring compliance with all international safety standards and maintaining the integrity of the entire solar generator during transport. The NOMAD Energy Box has multiple applications and contributes to the decarbonisation of the economy. It enables companies that were previously limited by technical constraints such as space, environmental issues, or the need for frequent relocation of installations to participate in the energy transition.

Nidec Industrial Solutions - Nidec-DirectPower Multi Solution with Integrated Batteries:

The project comprises a Nidec Direct Power Multi 115kWh system, a DPDC300 charger, and an HVO generator, resulting in a 100% off-grid charging solution. With the EMS and DLM software developed by Nidec, one can seamlessly switch between the battery network, the HVO generator, and PV generation (if available).  The different charging requirements for various vehicles can also be accommodated. This solution is essential in situations where grid power is limited, or non-existent and ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles is necessary. This solution is completely independent of any network, ensuring full availability to meet the customer's needs.

Plug And Play Energy - Smart Climate Agri-Pv:

The SMART CLIMATE AGRI-PV project aims to develop an expert system that uses artificial intelligence and drone-based remote sensing technology to optimise climate-smart crop production and photovoltaic energy production in agro-voltaic systems. To define a flight planning protocol and methodology for data collection inside the greenhouse, agriculture 4.0 technologies like Artificial Intelligence, spectral sensors, and remote sensing with drones are employed.

Plug And Play Energy - Smartbatt:

This is a model for researching and developing new containerised systems for storing and intelligently managing hybrid energy. Therefore, the R&D project was initiated with the primary goal of developing a new intelligent system to efficiently manage energy in hybrid grids. The objective is to integrate various energy sources to prioritise the use of renewable energies in scenarios of maximum energy efficiency. This will create an intelligent energy management system that generates and consumes energy in the same location, minimising losses. The system will be decentralised, allowing for intelligent management with batteries and renewable energy sources. It will offer a scalable and easy-to-install solution in a containerised and modular format.

PMT - Premium Mounting Technologies - PMT Easy:

PMT EASY has been designed specifically to meet these challenges. Our mounting system allows for efficient and safe installation of large photovoltaic modules on flat roofs. Handling solar panels has never been easier, thanks to our unique mounting system and Push-&-Click technology. PMT EASY simplifies module maintenance, reduces downtime, and extends system lifespan. The ballasting of the light simplifies installation, optimises weight distribution, and contributes to the stability of the system. For sustainable and reliable PV installations, investing in an efficient solution for large projects and ensuring maximum system security with EasyPlates cross-connection and flexible ballast.

Pvcase, UAB - Ray Tracing: The Future of Yield Modeling:

‘Ray Tracing: 'The Future of Performance Modelling' introduces PVcase Yield, a cutting-edge cloud-based software that uses ray tracing technology. This initiative is a major advancement in the design of utility-scale solar energy systems. The project illustrates how modern technology can enhance the precision and efficiency of solar project planning. It combines professional precision with innovative thinking, representing a significant advancement in the PV sector. This breakthrough illustrates the potential of technology to transform renewable energy planning and implementation.

Quadrisol Unipessoal - Quadrisol "Plug&Play" electrical panel:

It is an all-in-one AC electrical panel that includes solar inverters. The primary goal is for customers who purchase this solution to increase their productivity at work. We anticipate a 30% reduction in installation time. Quadrisol also provides warranty and technical support for the inverters installed in 'Plug&PlaybyQuadrisol'. Our technician has already pre-programmed these solar inverters. Quadrisol will offer Plug&PlaybyQuadrisol solutions for photovoltaic plants with an installed capacity of over 100kWp. It is worth noting that our product has been validated by SAJ ELECTRIC, the manufacturer of the solar inverters, which adds credibility to our solution.

Qente Acs - Hot water, instantly:

The world's first integrated point-of-use water heating system. The technology, which is powered by solar panels and an innovative lithium battery, provides immediate, temperature-controlled hot water to all consumption points in the home. Each Qente user saves over 12,000 litres of drinking water and 730 kWh of energy annually, resulting in an average yearly saving of €1050 on utility bills for a family of four.

R2m Solution Spain - Manza Energía:

The Manza Energía Energy Community is a project promoted by the Manzanares el Real Town Council and driven by its residents. R2M Solution serves as a consultant for the design, support, and development of the community. The Manza Energía project began in January 2022 and comprises three initiatives: the Neighbourhood Energy Community, the Energy Office (which provides energy advice to residents of the municipality), and Manza 50/50 (which supports the educational community in an energy-saving project).  PV4Plants will also feature.

Repsol - Solar Communities REPSOL SOLMATCH:

This service provides a self-consumption solution that brings energy generation closer to the point of consumption. It operates through Solar Communities, where local and 100% renewable electricity is generated from photovoltaic panels installed on building roofs. This allows households located within a 2,000-metre radius to connect and enjoy 100% renewable electricity.

This model enables collective self-consumption as a service for companies interested in adopting a new approach to energy production and consumption. The objective is to offer a self-consumption service through a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) on site, with the possibility of sharing solar energy produced in their own facilities (rooftop or nearby land) to create a business solar community. This model allows companies to connect to multiple supply points (CUPS, according to its initials in Spanish), whether their own or from neighbouring companies, without any investment on their part throughout the life of the contract. It is designed for the production and consumption of renewable energy for 10-15 years. It enables many companies to become self-sufficient in electricity production and encourages environmentally responsible consumption.

Sistemas Integrales Vortex - SIE's new monitoring platform for the management of kWh storage from renewable energies:

The project involves developing a suite that monitors and processes surplus solar energy and electricity demand. This suite includes meters and a cloud platform. The devices will measure energy production and consumption in real-time, and the platform will convert the data obtained into 'energy exported' and 'imported'. Communication between devices and platforms can occur through 3G or Wi-Fi. The software's multi-tenant architecture design is noteworthy as it allows for one instance of the software to serve multiple clients while customising elements without altering the code. The benefits of this system include the ability to use stored energy at any time, redirect excess energy to other consumption points, share production systems, and optimise energy usage in seasonal situations. It introduces an innovative 'Annual Energy Exchange System', which allows for the accumulation of unconsumed kWh. This statement highlights a distinction from other companies that provide economic balance sheets in euros.

Slenergy Tecnhnology - iShare-Home - One-Stop Residential Smart Energy System:

Following its remarkable success in Europe in 2023, the iShare-Home comprehensive smart home energy solution now includes solar panels, a hybrid inverter, an energy storage battery, a mounting structure, a wiring harness, a smart energy management system, a heat pump, a smart EV charger, and a SmartBox, providing complete protection. The upgraded iShare-Home system's key feature is its intelligent operation and maintenance, facilitated by the SmartBox. By using this IoT hardware, which collects real-time operational data and executes intelligent control strategies, homeowners can gain complete control over electricity generation and consumption in real-time. This results in reduced costs and optimal self-sufficiency.

Smilics Technologies - Discovering the consumption of household appliances thanks to AI:

The use of machine learning algorithms to detect household appliance consumption provides a cost-effective, sustainable, and innovative solution for monitoring household electricity consumption in detail. This approach is currently employed by large retailers in the IBEX35, who offer this information to their customers as an added value.  Retailers can customise offers and promotions by understanding how energy consumption is distributed among the different appliances in their customers' homes. This enables them to provide customised plans that meet the unique needs and usage patterns of each customer, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, providing this detailed information promotes more efficient energy usage practices. Retailers can provide personalised advice on how to reduce energy consumption in specific areas, promoting awareness and commitment to energy efficiency.

In addition to Solarbox and Sirius, Wallbox Chargers also participated in the project.

Genera is to be held from 6 to 8 February 2024. Find all the information on the website.