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The main face-to-face reunion for the sector

In Ifema Madrid, from 4 to 6 October, Fruit Attraction will once again bring together the entire fruit and vegetable trade community in the 2022 main global event.

Register now, get your badge to access the show and join the largest trade community for the sector.

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect is the world´s largest trade community and professional social network specialised in the fruit and vegetable sector. The reunion point for all professionals in the sector to stay connected 365 days a year.

An innovative technological platform with all the functions to enrich the value proposal, efficiency and commercial experience for participants befor after and during the face-to-face evento of Fruit Attraction.

Still not a member of the community? Sign up now, get your badge and smile! You’ re in Fruit Attraction. 

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What can you get with Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect before and after the in person event of Fruit Attraction?

  • Enrich and feed your network of professional contacts qualifying leads from all over the world
  • Contact thousands of new potential clients and suppliers through an meeting service, e-calls, live chat, Eb2b, messaging...
  • Organise and attend numerous sessions, demonstrations, conferences, congresses, debates on specific market themes and product categories.
  • Generate thousands of impacts and brand awareness with the entire community of participants.
  • Present and find out the entire offer of products, solutions, services, news and innovations for 2021, sharing demos and technical sheets of products and services with the whole trade community.

What can you get with Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect during the in person event of Fruit Attraction?

  • Have your access pass to the venue.
  • Scan QR code of visitor contacts to include them in your network.
  • Manage and publish your available time slots to schedule meetings.
  • Find and contact people who are at the show.
  • Manage your program and schedule of conferences.
  • Attend conferences and debates without leaving your stand.
  • Include in the stand the QR code linked to your company file, commercial personnel and products or services.

Download the LIVEConnect App

LIVEConnect is an advanced technological platform operational through web and mobile.

Download the mobile app and get the the most out of your participation as member of the largest profesional community specialized in the Fruit and Vegetable sector.

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Guidelines to sustainable participation for visitors

A visit to a trade fair/event, whether professional or public, and whether it is held in our town or requires us to travel, can have a significant impact on sustainability.

The fact that these activities take place in a short space of time, producing a concentration of a large movement of people and goods, means that the negative effects that could be produced are more intense and there is less time to correct them.

That is why it is important to take into account those aspects on which we can act and plan our activity according to sustainability criteria.

Guidelines for sustainable participation at fairs/events