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19 September 2023

XSENSE presents smart technologies to monitor cold chain from farm to shelves

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Companies have been using Xsense® to monitor their entire cold chains with segmentation for over 15 years. This has allowed them to identify problem points, improve operations, reduce waste, and save money.

    Our RF dataloggers are widely used. And, we have an extensive network of gateways around the world to read our loggers and segment their journey. For instance, a shipment of avocados may travel from Kenya to the UK. In Nairobi, the avocados would be trucked from the pack house to the airport. Then the pallets would be transferred to an aircraft and sent via airfreight to Belgium. The pallets are transferred from the aircraft to a warehouse at the airport, and then loaded onto a trailer and trucked to the UK, where it will arrive at a warehouse and the pallets will be stored until broken down.”

    We have worked with our partners and customers to place gateways at each waypoint along the route. They receive live data feeds at each point, and they know accurately when and where the goods have arrived and departed, much more accurately than with a typical real-time logger. Because we can see what happened during each segment, we can issue alerts specific to a segment, so that if anything is wrong the correct party is notified.”

    Lastly, if customers need a deeper analysis of their cold chain, for instance, to discover non-obvious issues and traits, we have in-house tools and data scientists to perform analysis of historic data. Our tools permit a user to observe characteristics over complete shipments, or over specific segments. The performance of logistics providers can be compared.”

    Xsense® has always been about intelligent cold chain monitoring.

    Xsense®, headquarter in Israel, is a provider of smart monitoring solutions for all parts of the cold chain. They have tailored solutions for at origin (field, factory, pack house), in transit (air, sea, truck, or rail), at destination (supermarket, retailers), and at points in between (ports, terminals, DCs). They are one of the early pioneers in the application of wireless data loggers to the cold food chain.

    Xsense® loggers are used worldwide to monitor a wide range of perishable products, including fruit and vegetables, flowers, fish, meat, poultry, cannabis, ice cream, and milk and dairy. The company boasts a portfolio of premier customers, who count amongst some of the leading companies in key markets around the world.

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