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27 April 2023

VALENTE IBERICA presents ValenteProtect© Hail

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In order to improve the performance of our customers' crops and protect them against atmospheric and environmental threats, each type of system we produce can be equipped with various types of coverings, also combined with each other, called ValenteProtect©.

Each system is made up of a series of elements: support posts for the mesh/protective canvas, post covers, mesh holding plates, fixings and accessories to facilitate installation and maintenance.

All of them are made with the best materials to guarantee resistance and durability over time.

ValenteProtect© Hail is a tensile structure made up of pre-stressed concrete posts for anti-hail nets, connected to each other by steel wires and cables, tensioned by means of specific anchors driven into the ground. This particular structure allows the whole system with anti-hail cover to better withstand even strong atmospheric phenomena.

The anti-hail netting is installed on this structure, which completely covers the rows of the orchard and protects them in the event of atmospheric phenomena. The anti-hail covers used in the system are always slightly wider than the rows in order to obtain the right inclination and elasticity to best withstand the stress caused by hail.

The main characteristic of these types of anti-hail systems lies in the fact that the mesh does not rest completely on the structure, but only on the upper wire to prevent the mesh from shifting under the weight of the hail and thus uncovering the orchard, while the transversal wire, fundamental for the stability of the anti-hail structures, passes over the mesh and allows the transversal fixing of the intermediate posts.

This technique allows the mesh to be lowered when it is stressed by the weight of the hail.

The anti-hail netting is made by working a plastic thread with a special technique, called loom weaving; the mesh obtained with this type of work is rectangular 2.8 x 8 mm and deformation-proof, i.e. the dimensions do not change when the mesh is subjected to hail loads.
The weaving of the nets is carried out by weaving the yarn into warp and weft threads. The anti-hail netting is certified and guaranteed in the long term with the relevant documentation, issued at the time of purchase.

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